Router is a networking device, commonly specialized hardware, that forwards data packets between computer networks. This is a common device in household having an internet connection, sometimes we encounter a problem in our router and we want to fix it right away. This archives have some useful tutorials on how to configure router's like DLink and TP Link.
keep my Wi-fi connection stable

How can I keep my Wi-fi connection stable

I know that almost everyone gets raged or gets mad when their internet connection gets shabby at times. Of... Read more
Boosting Wireless Internet Connection

Maximizing or Boosting Wireless Internet Connection

Although some of us pay for a living just to have a great internet connection, we cannot run away... Read more
How to change router username and password

How to Change Router’s admin Username and Password

In order to make your home network secured, aside from making your WiFi password hard to guess and changing... Read more
How to Change WiFi Name

How to Change WiFi Name

In my previous article I have already shown to you how you can easily change your WiFi Password. This is... Read more
Boost wifi signal using aluminum foil

How to Boost WiFi Signal using Aluminum Foil

A lot of people are keen on keeping their wi-fi signal stable and strong at all times. Most modems... Read more

11 Smart Ways to Keep Your Wi-Fi Network Protected

There is no doubt in the fact that technology is growing with a speed of light. Every day you... Read more

How to Setup TP Link WiFi Range Extender

Are you having a problem with your WiFi connection, particularly the range? If you have a house that consist... Read more
D Link Router Setup Step 2

D Link Router Setup: Learn how to Configure D Link Router

I've been posting some article about D Link router a while ago, but not how to configure the router from the... Read more
connected on wifi

How to Know If Somebody Connected in your WiFi

Nowadays, almost all of us can't live in a place without access on the internet. It's part of our... Read more

How to Configure TP Link Router

You found this page because you want to know how to configure TP Link router, configuring your router is so... Read more

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