11 Smart Ways to Keep Your Wi-Fi Network Protected

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There is no doubt in the fact that technology is growing with a speed of light. Every day you wake up you find something new with the technology. Some people find it really interesting but some find it like another issue to be learnt. Well with the growing world you have to grow, but the question that you need to have in your mind is that ‘Is the use of technology safe?’

Let us talk by having an example here. Let us talk about Internet and Wi-Fi. Internet and Wi-Fi is like the most important and the most required things in every household. But are they safe and if they are safe what measures do you need to take in order to keep them protected?


Every coin has two phases if it is giving you the comforts of life, its misuse can ruin your comforts as well. So what you need to do in order to protect your Wi-Fi systems and the internet from being misused. Let’s find out.

1. Encrypt your Wi-Fi Network

When you make use of Wi-Fi system for getting to the web, each and every information you send and get over the air can be snooped by anybody very easily with the privilege set of instruments. Packet sniffers can be utilized by even the most learner of clients to sniff your information. This implies that a hacker can see which sites are you getting to as well as get the login details of your professional and personal records.

Encryption mainly involves scrambling the information that is transmitted and got by you while utilizing a remote system. This makes sure that even if the hacker can capture all your data transmissions, he or she won’t have the capacity to misuse or exploit the data available inside it.

2. Protect your Wi-Fi Internet Network

There are two encryption models accessible that you can utilize: WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) and WPA (Wireless Protected Access). WEP is the older way of encryption and can now be circumvent in a matter of minutes. WPA is moderately more up to date, however, it still has security openings. Aircrack and cowpatty are two free devices that permit anybody to effortlessly split WEP and WPA encryption utilizing brute force system. WPA2 is the most recent standard and is the thing that you must utilize in the event that you need the largest amount of assurance for your remote system. The encryption keys utilized change each one time a gadget gets into the system, making WPA harder to hack.

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3. Replace your default passwords on your switch with solid passwords

The greatest mistake that most internet clients make is not changing their default passwords on their switches. Programmers use open databases that contain default passwords and usernames from basically every maker. This empowers them to change the security settings of your router as indicated by their needs. Utilizing a solid secret key for your switch guarantees that hackers can’t change your system’s security settings. To change the watchwords on your router give a visit to your administration settings on your router’s settings page. Also make sure that you do not store your passwords in programs as they can be effectively made obvious.

4. Change default SSID

Your system’s SSID or Service Set Identifier is the name of your wireless system. Generally, the SSID is the name of the router’s producer alongside the model number of the switch. Changing it to not to show this data will keep you away from giving extra data about your router to prospective hackers.

5. Do not show your SSID

If you hide your SSID it will prevent unsophisticated and unpracticed programmers and WiFi interlopers from establishing that your system exists. Hiding your SSID is moderately simple and the choice to do so is ordinarily under essential remote settings on your router’s settings page. Notwithstanding, it is vital to note that a few gadgets, including those running more current forms of Windows, will demonstrate each system regardless of the possibility that they can’t recognize its name. Also, your system will in any case contain the SSID information bundles, making unmasking incredibly simple with devices like an insider, Kismet and Commview for Wi Fi.

6. Use strange names to dishearten Wi-Fi threat

If your remote system has a name like C:\virus.exe, a great number of people will not access your network because of getting their systems or phones infected. You can utilize your imagination to discover more risky names for your remote system.

7. See the list of Connected Devices

Almost every new switch will have a page which shows the list of each gadget that is joined with the system. You should check this page regularly to see that obscure gadgets are not siphoning your system. When you see an unknown gadget, you can be sure that somebody has broken your system. You can attempt Airsnare, a free utility which examines your system for sudden MAC locations furthermore researches DHCP demands.

8. Secure Wireless Network

Turn off Guest networking: While most of the routers will have visitor systems administration is disabled on obvious basis, it generally pays to see that you might not have incidentally empowered it. Guest systems administration permits others to get to your system.

9. Enable MAC location based on separation

Media Access Control or MAC location distinguishes every device joined with your wireless system. Macintosh location is an alphanumeric key differentiated by colons. Empowering MAC location based on separation permits just gadgets having specific MAC locations to get into your system. You have to enter the MAC location of each device you wish to permit to join with your system on your router’s settings page. This keeps obscure devices from associating with your system regardless of the possibility that they know your secret word. To discover the MAC location of your machine, open charge incite and execute “ipconfig/all” without quotes.

While it may keep unpracticed clients from getting access to your system, experienced hackers and progressed, clients can utilize a remote system analyzer like Nmap and after that change the MAC location of his machine with an alternate free instrument MAC Shift.

10. Keep your firmware updated

Router sellers continuously discharge firmware updates and post them on their sites. You should periodically check the manufacturer’s site to check whether another firmware update has been given out. All the new routers will naturally educate you when new firmware is accessible.

11. Reduce the range of your wireless signals

If you decrease the range of your wireless system, common sense will tell you that you can prevent hackers from using your Wi-Fi. This has the point of interest that if programmers don’t have the idea about that a remote system exists, they won’t attempt to get into it. You can put your switch at spots which would hinder the Wi-Fi signals. While this system is invaluable, a hacker enthused about hacking into your system will simply need to utilize a bigger antenna to get your router’s signs. Additionally, diminishing the scope of your remote system may cause inconveniences for certified clients.

Bunos Tip: When not utilizing your web system, turn it off

This is clear as crystal. If you are not utilizing your system, turning it off spares you from giving additional time for programmers to attempt and hack into your remote system. While it might be unreasonable to turn each gadget on your system off every time you are not using the system, it still is fitting to do so amid augmented times of non usage.

If you take care of all these strategies, your Wi-Fi system will be a considerable measure more ensured and programmers will have an intense time breaking into it.

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