How to Change Router’s admin Username and Password

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In order to make your home network secured, aside from making your WiFi password hard to guess and changing your SSID or WiFi name, you need also to change your router’s username and password.

When you buy a new router, the  default username and password are given to be able you to setup. And most of the router manufacturers they also published their documentation online, including the default username and password.

If you don’t change the default credentials of your router, it can easily access by anyone connected and change the configuration settings.

To avoid this, here’s how you can easily change your router’s username and password making it personal.

  1. First, you must be connected to your router, either through Ethernet or or wireless. Once connected, access the router’s admin page by entering the routers IP and password, as I said earlier, you can find this at the router’s documentation, online or at the back of the router.How to change router admin username and password
  2. When you have the default credentials of your router, open your favorite browser and access it. By the way I am using TP Link router in this tutorial.How to change routers username and password
  3. To change the admin username and password, inside the router admin page, go to System Tools > Password. From here you can easily change both, you just have to enter first the default username and password if it is new or not yet changed or the previous password you created before you enter the new one. After that click the save button to take to change router username and password
  4. After you hit save, you will log out to your router’s admin page. Login again using your new credentials to test.

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