How can I keep my Wi-fi connection stable

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I know that almost everyone gets raged or gets mad when their internet connection gets shabby at times. Of course without being knowledgeable enough, people would not be able to solve all technical issues and problems they encounter as regards their internet connectivity. But there are certain things that even people who has zero to little knowledge about technology can do in order to ensure that the stability of their wi-fi.

Set your router at a high position

The position of the router inside your house is probably one of the most important factors that you should consider. Many people are not aware that placing their routers on the floor, or somewhere where a lot would not be able to see it, can be the reason why your connection keeps cutting out.

Place your router high and with high I mean yes, somewhere it can have a lot of space for itself, somewhere it can breathe. Position it to where you think it can accommodate every space in the house.

Modify your router

People have been all over this craze of extending their wi-fi connection by doing this simple DIY trick with soda cans and your router. You can click here in order to know more about how a can of soda can boost and stabilize your wi-fi connection.

Extend its range

There is what you call a repeater that extends the range of your wi-fi connection. What it does internally is that it picks up the signal of your wi-fi and repeats it to where its range is available. This works best if the house you own is large or if it is governed by a lot of obstacles (doors, walls) that can cause the signal not to be passed on.

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You can buy repeaters from device stores that sell routers, spare parts of gadgets, etc. These are great for maintaining a stable and reliable internet connection for the whole house.

Refresh the router and modem constantly

Most of us do not know but by power cycling or “refreshing” (off for 2 minutes and turning it back on again) greatly increases the chance of having a stable internet connection. Just a simple power cycle can turn the tides; technologists or IT personnel use this method in order to regain or refresh the network.

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Even though it sounds so “techie,” power cycling is not as complex as it seems. You simply turn off all devices modem, routers, repeaters, etc., and turn them back on after a few minutes. What this does is it releases and renews the network’s ability to distribute internet connection.

Manage your bandwidth consumption

If you are a gamer, then you are probably aware of what bandwidth is and what it does. If inside your home, there are around 6 devices connected to only one router, modem, or internet connection, chances are the devices will fight to get the strongest signal. Buffering videos, playing games, loading webpages, these are activities that consume bandwidth.

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One way to resolve this issue is to manage it. You can moderate bandwidth to just have a cap on each device and from there, you can enjoy a fair distribution of wi-fi.

Go for 2 routers

If you are not overall contented and if you are unfortunate to have the luxury of time to do DIY router extensions; why don’t you just go for two (2) routers instead? It’s best, most efficient, and can greatly make changes to the instability and unreliability of your internet connection.

There are a lot of affordable but performance-wise routers available in the market; having not one, but two can indeed solve your wi-fi issues.

There are not many things that you can do in order to save your crawling wi-fi connection but these tips, I can assure you, can maximize the utilization of your internet connection and can fundamentally stabilize your wi-fi connection. Follow these few tricks and be amazed by how your wi-fi changed from zero to a hundred, real quick.

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