Where you can Invest your Money for as low as P1000


With the seemingly ceaseless pandemic, lots of Filipinos have lost their jobs. Perhaps, the word “investment” once came across your mind but the thought of needing a huge amount of money and possible encounters with scammers prompt you to immediately U-turn the stirring wheel. Consider yourself lucky because in this short article we will share with you a few lists of where you can invest your money for as low as P1000.

Before we proceed, what do we mean we say investment? Investment is the act of investing money or capital in order to gain profitable returns, as interest, income, or appreciation in value. But aside from money or capital, you will also need to take risks and spend ample amount of time and effort in order to achieve a successful investment.

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Here is the list of where you can make an investment, not beyond P1000:

1. GCash GInvest

With the use of the GCash mobile wallet, verified users can enjoy the privilege of investing in international stock markets with low rates. The GCash GInvest program makes way for users to invest in financial markets,  either through bonds or stocks for as low as P50.

The investors where users can disburse their money are as follow:

Conservative Investors.

Conservative investors pose minimal risk. The initial investment is P50 with an annual rate return of 0.51%. There’s a low chance of losing huge amount of money but also low possibility of gaining profits.

Moderate Investors.

Moderate investors include government and corporate bonds. The initial investment is P50 with an annual rate return of 0.48. There’s a low probability of losing money which means gaining profits is also low. You can take the time t0 deposit placements on BPO and RCBC as well as treasury bonds as a sample.

Government and corporate bonds are also covered in moderate where the initial investment is P50 gaining an annual rate return of 2.27%. It is recommended to make investment bounded from three years and up.

Aggressive Investors

The word aggressive says it all. Aggressive investors lay the most risk among the three. The initial investment is P100 and an annual rate return of 15.60%-52.22%. The risk of losing huge amount of money is high,  meaning, the probability of gaining profits is also high. It is best to make investment for five years and more.

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2. SSS Peso Funds

The Social Security System (SSS) P.E.S.O (Personal, Equity and Saving Option) Fund is exclusively designed for all SSS members. This program is open for all willing members who wants to invest at least P1000 in every contribution.

The allocation of your contribution will be reimburse to the following accounts:

  • 65% on retirement or total disability, bound for five year T-bond rate.
  • 25% on medical, bound for 364 days T-bill rate; and
  • 15% on personal purpose including education, housing, profitability (incase of losing your job) bound for 364 days T-bill rate.

3. Pag-IBIG MP2 Savings

According to Pag-IBIG, MP2 Savings is available for all the active members of Pag-IBIG Fund — employed, self-employed, individual payor or Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW).

You can earn in MP2 Savings for a low rate because the lowest per remittance you can deposit is only P500. Yearning for higher earnings doesn’t have any limit. You can earn higher than P500, 000 with a dividend rate of 6.12%.

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4. US Stocks via GoTrade app

The GoTrade app is an online platform where you can enter US stocks at ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds). You can invest using your 1 dollar equivalent for more or less P50. Go Trade lets its users purchase stocks with a minimum of 1 dollar with no commission fee so you can really maximize the return of your investment.

5. Cryptocurrency via crypto.com, Binance, PDAX, Coins.PH

Most financial advisers don’t recommend crypto for newbies and for those who still lack information and data about this field. However, you can invest here using your P1000.

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