Maximizing or Boosting Wireless Internet Connection

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Although some of us pay for a living just to have a great internet connection, we cannot run away from the fact that sometimes it gets too shabby; there are times that it can get weak, slow, it might even have no connection at times. Yes, our service providers might offer unstable connection that we cannot avoid but when it’s there, how can we maximize it? Are there ways in order to boost or maximize our internet connections?

Boosting Wireless Internet Connection

Positioning the router

This may sound basic but it actually is one of the reasons why your connection might be unstable. Hiding your router or putting in a place where it is surrounded by obstacles like walls for example, might block the reception that comes from the router going to all of the devices. Carefully place the router where it has little to no obstacles to avoid weak reception.

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Upgrading the Firmware

Modems and router manufacturers offer firmware updates regularly. This is to ensure the authentication and the reliability of the device. Regularly updating can boost or maximize the internet connection. Another option is to install a third-party firmware so that you enable two at the same time.

By using these tips, you will be able to squeeze out every bit of connectivity out of your connection at home.

Make “Power Cycle” a habit

It sounds simple but a simple off/on of your router can save your connection. Major technical problems can be solved by only using this act – the power cycle. Turning off the device for about a minute or two, ensure all of the cables if they are attached or installed properly, then turn it back on again.

Making this a habit can flush out all of the unnecessary data, cache that your router has picked up to make way for new data for better, faster, and more efficient performance.

Control Bandwidth usage

If you’re a gamer, then you probably know about this solution. Bandwidth is the reason why everything slows down; say you are buffering a video, downloading files, playing games, etc. Bandwidth is the one that eats up that pace. Controlling bandwidth is one good reason on how you can maximize your internet connection.

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There is this program called Quality of Service (QoS) in order to rule over those bandwidth hogs. This program prioritizes bandwidth usage of certain programs over other bandwidth consuming activities.

Wi-Fi range hacks

I am pretty sure you have heard about hacks that can greatly increase the distance of reception from your router. The “beer can method,” “the windsurfer tin foil hack,” and many more hacks that can increase the performance of your wireless internet connection. Although it is recommended to use modern technology for your wi-fi, having a little bit of DIY would not hurt at all.

These are only a few of the things you can do in order to maximize or boost your reception of wireless internet and of course, there are more and more upcoming ways on how to maximize it more. Try these few tricks and let the magic happen in the palm of your hands. Good luck in maximizing your internet connection.

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