If you want to get rid of all annoying posts from your Facebook friends, but you don’t want them to unfriend, the easiest way is to unfollow. Automatically all of your friends are your followers, same with your friends you are also one of their followers, so everytime they post an update, it will also appear on the your news feed.

When you unfollow a friend you will not only see their timeline updates, they will not notified for unfollowing them and everything works the same in the chatbox.

To unfollow a friend, follow this simple step.

If using Facebook on browser, go to your friends profile, click “Following” button, then select unfollow.

Unfollow FB Friends

Same steps when you’re using a mobile device.

Unfollow Fb Friends using mobile

Another way to unfollow your friend is through the news feed, when you see your friends posts, click the arrow-down icon on the top-right or the post, on the drop-down click Unfollow.

Unfollow Fb Friends 3

Also applicable when you are using Facebook app in your mobile devices.

Unfollow Fb Friends using mobile news feed

You can do this to all your friends that you are not interested in their updates, this will clean up your news feed to all the posts that you’re not interested.

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