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Different Ways to Load up Your Prepaid Smartphone (For Globe/TM)

Here in the Philippines, postpaid lines are not much of a thing for the working class. Instead, most of... Read more
When Should You Restart Your Smartphone?

When Should You Restart Your Smartphone?

Many people believe that smartphones work well like computers—that you have to shut it down if you are not... Read more

What Really is a 5G Network and How can it Improve Our Lives?

Technology is evolving; from the first few eras of having 2G and 3G, people became frantic. When 4G and... Read more
Student Discounts Students in the Philippines can Avail

Student Discounts That Students in The Philippines Can Avail

Last year, the Philippine Star has reported that the student population peaked at an astounding 27.7 million. This means... Read more
List of Schools with the Highest Tuition Fees in the Metro

Metro Manila Schools With The Highest Tuition Fees

A lot of people, especially the elderly, say that education is the best investment. They believe so because education is... Read more
Enjoy the BPI online banking for free

Transfer Funds Through BPI Online Banking For Free

Due to the recent changes made by the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), a lot of BPI users... Read more
Local Businesses in the PH

Local Businesses? Why is it Better to Support Them?

Filipinos are known to have a lot of trades and skills, for sure. May it be because of the... Read more

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