Interested In Becoming An NBI Agent? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

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The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) is the subbranch of the Department of Justice that deals with the investigation of citizens. Its clearance (NBI Clearance) is one of the main requirements if you’re applying for a job; abroad; or even some national Identification Cards (IDs). Just like any other jobs, being an NBI agent puts up the requirement of having technical skills in terms of investigation. This is why aspiring applicants should preferably be a lawyer or a CPA.

But what if I am neither a lawyer nor a CPA? Could I still have a position in NBI?

Definitely. The only reason why the bureau prefers CPAs, lawyers, accountants, law enforcers, and the like is because of the skill they have. The investigating field is not as easy as “one, two, three,” there are certain aspects and skills that they’re looking for. If you’re nowhere to be found in the list, you can still of course apply for entry level special investigator or NBI staff.

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Why are there preferred areas of study?

Since the NBI is a branch of the Department of Justice, it is just right that agents or investigators are of the same page. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be a CPA or a lawyer alone, the preferences would be that you have knowledge and expertise in critical cases. You can try for an application because qualified agents would be sent out to field training. Moreover, the training would include criminal case solving, foreign language proficiency, engineering, computer science, physics, and the like.

To make things simpler, you need to have expertise in terms of solving problems and working under pressure. NBI agents couldn’t choke in the middle of an investigation; they need to be at their 100% from start to finish.

What are the requirements in applying as an NBI agent?

  • Filipino citizen and of good moral character, with excellent physical, mental, and psychological health;
  • Can either be a Lawyer or CPA;
  • Must have obtained baccalaureate degree;
  • Can either be first grade civil service eligible and/or board exam passer. General weighted average of 84% in the transcript of records and without any failing grade;
  • Height requirement: 5’5’’ (males) or 5’3’’ (females);
  • At least 25 years old but not more than 35;
  • Must have excellent vision (normal range);
  • No pending criminal, civil, or administrative cases and charges;
  • Never must have been convicted of any crime; and
  • Must have no tattoo marks or body piercings

How about documentary requirements? What do I need upon filing of the application?

  • College Diploma;
  • Transcript of records (ToR);
  • Eligibility (Civil Service, PRC, Bar);
  • Birth certificate;
  • Marriage contract (only if the applicant is married);
  • Certificate of residency;
  • Two (2) pieces of 2 x 2 photo with white background;
  • NBI clearance; and
  • Income Tax Return (ITR)/W2 if the applicant is employed and assets and liabilities.

In terms of salary, how much does an NBI agent earn on a monthly basis?

Beforehand, the entry level NBI agents earn a total of Php18, 000.00 monthly; Php32, 000.00 for special investigators, and Php37, 00.00 for NBI agents. Since you are working with the government, accepted personnel would also be subject to bonuses like the 13th month pay, GSIS benefits, PhilHealth, Pag-IBIG HDMF, and such. Like in the normal private setting, promotions would lead to salary increases and more stable income.

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I’m interested, where can I apply?

You should proceed in their main office at the NBI building, Taft Avenue, Ermita Manila. This is the main personnel department of the National Bureau of Investigation.

For other inquiries and concerns, you can mail them at: [email protected]

Now that you know how you can get into the industry, what requirements you need and how much is the expected salary, you can direct your queries to the NBI directly. If you want to apply, go and proceed to the main office or email them with your intent of application. Remember that in applying for one, like a normal job application, there would be interviews, tests, and exams. The reason why they prefer people in those fields is because of the experience they’ve gotten while in school or in past jobs.

Try and apply for a career in the National Bureau of Investigation as an NBI agent and see if you’re eligible. Who knows, this might be your calling.

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