How to Boost WiFi Signal using Aluminum Foil

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A lot of people are keen on keeping their wi-fi signal stable and strong at all times. Most modems and routers today can offer up to 10 meters of signal strength but those are the expensive ones – what do you have to do now if you want to boost your signal without paying too much for a single router or modem? In this article, we are going to teach you how you can boost your wi-fi signal using just aluminum foils as your material.

Before anything else, you have to know that wi-fi is an essential tool now since most jobs can already be done online and without ample strength, your connection can be a bit fuzzy and disoriented. Paying too much for that kind of trick is actually a good thing but there are alternatives in doing that and here is how. Before that, here are a few guidelines to help you set your modem or router in a wider range:

  • Make sure that it is not covered or surrounded by obstacles like walls, wood, tables, etc.
  • Place it on the highest place where it can be so that it can be detected by most devices; avoid placing it on low areas such as under the table, behind desktop PC’s, etc.
  • Know the requirements on the connectivity like how many devices can connect to the modem or router for it to function smoothly

However, here are some of the things that people tend to disregard. These are the things that you might be doing which led you to have a weak signal.

  • You placed it on the corner of your house where it is against a lot of barriers. Even if it is at a high place, the barriers will block the signal away from the devices
  • You do not have protection on your wi-fi which means, other people not from your home can freely access it without restrictions

If you have all the checkmarks accomplished and you still yearn for a better signal, then you should then probably proceed to strengthening your device.

Things you will need

Procedure how to boost WiFi signal using aluminum foil

Step 1: Cut or tear off a piece of the aluminum foil in a shape of rectangle. Make sure to have it layered 2 or 3 times for it to have a strong and firm foundation.

Step 2: Fold all the surrounding edges to make it look like it is forming a curve shape. It will be helpful if you have a bottle from which you can use to shape the aluminum foil.

Step 3: Add cardboards or thick papers for stability of the foil; it needs to stand on its own.

Step 4: Place the aluminum foil beside the antenna. This causes the signal to be emphasized, focusing on the selected regions of your house.

Step 5: If and when your router is mounted to the wall, have holes on the aluminum foil and just insert the antenna into the holes.

Step 6: Observe the change in your wi-fi signal – it works 100% of the time because this trick is based on Science.

If in case you have a modem, the procedures are just the same. You just need to focus on making the aluminum foil stable and firm so that it can stand on its own without you having to fix it back up again in case it falls over.

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This trick is great if you want to install better and stronger wi-fi signals inside your home. But wait, why do people have to do this? They can just have it even with a weak signal because they can still use the wi-fi, right?

If you are part of the population who wonders why everyone needs a strong wi-fi signal, here are some of the advantages of having a strong and focused router:

  • People who connect from their smartphones won’t have a hard time detecting the router/modem because the signal is way above the roof even if they are far from it.
  • You will have lesser problems with bandwidth distribution plus, having strong wi-fi signals can easily make you accessible to the internet.
  • By doing this, thin barriers like wooden walls can make the signal push through because of the focus you intended on the router.

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As you can see, having a good wi-fi signal can be beneficial in all angles because it doesn’t give you a hard time in accessing the internet if you have to. Do this and be assured of the wi-fi strength inside your home. One last tip: Do not forget to have your network secured so that other people cannot access it.

Watch the video below for more detailed instruction.

Video credit: HousholdTech

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