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Narita Immigration

Things You Need To Prepare for an Immigration Interview plus the top questions asked...

Applications are what most Filipinos are thinking of. Application for IDs, for memberships, for overseas employment, all kinds. In... Read more

Moving to New Zealand, Canada, or Australia? Here’s How You Can Do It

Here in the Philippines, it's not hard to think about moving to a different country. Especially after everything, you... Read more

Countries That Allow Dual Citizenship And Countries That Don’t

In our time now, dual citizenship is a big topic. Why? Because having two citizenships can give you tons... Read more

New Certificate Requirement In Renewing Passport

A few weeks ago, we were dumbfounded when President Rodrigo Duterte signed into law the bills in extending the... Read more

How Can I Get Bank Certificate in BDO?

A bank certificate is a statement from your bank that says you have this particular amount of money. To... Read more
Australian Visa

How to get Australian Visa

We have written a lot of visa application guides and in this article, you will be guided on how... Read more
Apply for US student Visa

How to Apply for a Student Visa to Study in the United States

Current statistics show that Filipinos are pro-Americans and studying in America is one of the options to visit the... Read more
List of Visa Free Countries for Filipinos

UPDATED List of Visa Free Countries for Filipinos

One of the characteristics that Filipinos have which clearly distinguishes us from different cultures and people is our love... Read more
Appointment for US Visa application

How to set an Appointment for US Visa application in the Philippines

US Visa application in the Philippines needs to have some kind of arrangement or appointment before settling and proceeding... Read more
Visa application in Canada

Requirements and procedure for Visa Application in Canada

Canada is one of the best places you want to be in. A lot knows this country to hold... Read more

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