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We have written a lot of visa application guides and in this article, you will be guided on how you can get a tourist visa for Australia. One good thing in getting an Australian visa is that they do not ask for silly and irrelevant requirements. They just need you to pass things that almost all countries need from tourists and these are: proof that who you are, funds for your trip, and proof that you will be coming home to the country you came from (Philippines).

Step 1: Application Form

We know that all you want out of Australia is a vacation which means, you will be traveling as a tourist. After your decision, you need to fill out the application form for tourists (1419) where you can find here. There are a lot of application forms for different types of travel in Australia so save yourself from going over all of those.

Print the application form, mark NA if not applicable; as much as possible do not leave a thing unmarked. Be sure to have one (1) passport-size photo (35mm x 45mm) for the application form.

Step 2: Requirements and Supporting Documents

Like any other country, Australia will require you to submit documents and requirements before releasing any type of pass to you. There is also a checklist, where you can view and print; you also need to submit this.

  • Philippine Passport that must have at least six (6) months of validity. Photocopy All pages and make sure the content can be seen.
  • Financial Documents
    • Copies of your bank deposit books showing your history of savings or salary
    • Copies of bank statements or payslips over a period of time
    • Credit card statements and limits
    • Letter of support from Australian contact with evidence of financial capability

Providing more than one (1) of this is better so if you can, please do.   If you do not have any of these, submit one that you have and let us hope they understand that you can fund yourself.

  • Other Supporting Documents
    • Purpose of Travel (Vacation, will attend a wedding, business, convention, etc.)
    • Invitation latter from Australian contact (with their ID or Passport)

Step 3: The Payment

In applying for an Australian visa, there are two (2) things that will be involved. As of September, 2015, any other forms of visa fee payment will not be accepted. You need to organize payment of the visa fees in a form of Manager’s Cheque amounting to Php4, 900 payable to “Australian Embassy.”

VFS Global Logistic Service charges per passport.

  • Php629 per applicant for Regular visa application as the main applicant,
  • Php440 per applicant for dependent application resubmission.

Step 4: Go for an appointment

Schedule your appointment, click here. Another thing is to just walk-in and submit your application. There is also a courier service for people not living in Manila or Cebu.

VFS Global Service Fee

By Courier, VFS Global charge needs to be paid in the form of a Manager’s cheque in Philippine peso (Php629, or Php440) On top of the Visa Fee, you’ll have to pay for the courier fee of Php600 – Two way courier service (Pick up requirements and send to VFS). If you want SMS notifications, you have to add Php110 along with the Manager’s cheque payment for the service fee.

So after doing all of this, you just now have to wait for your visa and hope for the best that it will be approved.

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