A Guide: Check if your LTO Plate Number is up for release, how to claim it, or how to apply for a Replacement Plate

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Technically, the LTO plate number is used to identify and prove the legality of a vehicle in relation to registration, traffic violations, and adherence to laws and regulation. Well, majority of drivers are still waiting for the issuance of their LTO plate number. This has angered a lot of them who have been patiently waiting for their license plates for months or even years. However, vehicle owners’ demands for quicker outcomes are understandable given the LTO’s No Registration, No Travel policy.

According to the aforementioned policy, vehicle may be flagged down without license plates and may be requested a Certificate of Registration (CR) and Official Receipt (OR). Transgressors are also subject to hefty fines. So, if you want to know how to check if your LTO plate number is up for release this 2023, this article will help you with that. So, stay tune, drivers!

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How to check if your LTO Plate Number is up for release?

If you want to see if your LTO plate number is up for release, you have many options which are as follow:

Option 1: Text the word “LTOVEHIV” and the plate number of your car to 2600. A reply that was automatically created will include some basic information about your car, such as the make, model, manufacturing year, color, last registration date, and any LTO violations that it may have had.

Option 2: Using a laptop or desktop computer, access the LTO’s online database, hold down the CTRL + F keys and enter your plate number with no spaces between the letters.

Option 3: Check directly with the car dealer where you purchased your vehicle to see if they already have your plate number. They might be able to provide you an update on your motor vehicle’s plate status.

Option 4: Get in touch with the LTO regional office where you registered your car. For additional information, visit the official Facebook sites of the LTO regional offices.

P.S: You can call the LTO Plate Unit hotline at (02) 8922-9063, local 225, with any question regarding the backlog of LTO plate numbers.

How to claim your LTO Plate Number?

Now that you know if your LTO Plate Number is up for release, you may now visit the district or extension office that applies to your LTO branch to claim your license plate. Please, bring the following documents:

1. Certificate of Registration (CR)
2. Latest Official Receipt (OR) of payment
3. Government-issued ID

Note: The LTO will issue a certification confirming the new plate number given to you is assigned to your vehicle, IF the plate number is not displayed on your CR. Moreover, your issued plate number will be entered into the LTO database.

Additional documents may also be requested by the LTO. For instance, the Central Visayas LTO requests an affidavit from car owners so that their dealers can obtain their license plates from the regional office.

How to apply for a Replacement LTO License Plate?

But, what if you lost your Plate Number or had it mutilated, what should you do? Below are the things you must do to have your replacement LTO License Plate:

Step 1: Issue an affidavit of loss or mutilation to the LTO office where your vehicle is currently registered.

Step 2: Present your OR/CR, PNP-Highway Patrol Group clearance, and other LTO requirements.

Step 3: Get your vehicle inspected by LTO, who will then give a completed and authorized Motor Vehicle Inspection Report (MVIR).

Step 4: Get your receipt after paying the replacement plate fee at the cashier.

Step 5: Obtain a copy of the LTO’s 90-day permit before using an improvised plate.

Reminder: A temporary license plate is still usable for car owners who must still wait for their permanent license plates. Temporary license plate specifications were issued by the LTO for “uniformity and ease of visual recognition.”

Vehicles released after February 15, 2017 must meet these specifications:

1. Use of conduction sticker number and MV file number as temporary license plate numbers (the MV file number can be found on the Certificate of Registration from LTO)

2. Reflective sturdy material

3. Arial Black font

4. Use of the LTO’s official temporary plate design and layout

5. Name of the dealer placed at the end of the plate for tricycles and motorcycles, and on the sides for four-wheel vehicles

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When LTO launched the Plate Standardization Program in 2014, the Philippines started to experience a backlog of license plates. The project was expected to be finished by 2017. Unfortunately, the backlog of license plates is still evident this 2023.

So, one wonders if the LTO will actually be able to catch up this year and, at long last, meet the rising demand for quicker plate manufacture and distribution. For the safety and security of commuters and car owners, motorists can only hope that the LTO plate availability issue would be remedied soon.

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