Things You Should Never Share Or Post On Facebook for Safety Reasons


Facebook, as we all know has become everybody’s favorite. Everyone is turning to Facebook to find out more about everything. From current events to plainly entertainment, most people tend to choose Facebook over everything else. In addition to that, a lot of people update their statuses and frequently upload photos. All these sorts are what the criminals would love. Why? Because they have the benefit of getting the smartest idea on how to get some information about you.

This is why we need to be careful in posting the intimate details about our daily lives in social media. We don’t know who’s looking in our profile. They may be there to steal some information for their own good. Although Facebook has privacy settings, it still isn’t enough to rely on.

Here are the things we should never share or post on Facebook and other social media accounts for safety and security reasons.

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Complete Home and Work Address

Obviously, you should never put the exact home and work address on your profile on Facebook. This is one personal information that should not be on social media to avoid being robbed. This could be one reason why criminals are finding easy targets on social media.

You and Your Family’s Full Date of Birth

We are used to posing photos of our or our family members’ birthdays on Facebook. Your date of birth or complete birth date may put your personal and financial security at risk. When you list your birthday, you are providing enough information of yourself for identity theft. Furthermore, your birth date can be your password or PIN which criminals can use for them to try on your personal accounts. Same as your telephone or mobile number; do not post personal information on Facebook. If you want, you can but not further than your name and birth date but without the year.

Your relationship status

Whether you are “in a relationship” or not, it may be best not to make it a public knowledge. Stalkers are all around and would love to know “that you just became single.” It gives them the big opportunity. It also lets them know that you might be home alone. Your best bet is to just leave this blank on your profile.

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Your Mother’s maiden name

Your mother’s maiden name is a special bit of information since it’s often the answer to security questions on many sites. This is also a question asked by credit card companies, your wireless service provider, and several other firms. They usually rely on this tidbit to protect your personal information.

Your current location

There people who love the location-tagging feature on Facebook and they don’t realize that when they post a status update, they may also be revealing their current location. Never provide your location at all; giving out your location information like a post from the airport or your vacation destination can be dangerous because it tells potential thieves the fact that you aren’t at home and probably won’t be for a while.

Vacation/Travel plans or details

Letting everyone know and intentionally announcing that you’re planning to be out of town is not a good idea because your house is going to be empty and it’s a warm invitation for burglars to break into your house. The police and FBI can readily tell you that social networks are increasingly being used by criminals nowadays to figure out where and when exactly they can target potential victims. It’s a bad idea to share just to brag about it.

Picture of your plane ticket or boarding pass

Maybe most people didn’t know that by posting a picture of your plane ticket or boarding pass, you are by now giving other people your information to modify or cancel your current booking. All they need to know is to go to the website of that certain airline, click the “Manage Booking” enter your name as a passenger and ticket number or booking reference.

Those with nasty minds could apply that information to change your seat, change your flight or worst, and cancel your flight.

The layout of your house

The very first thing that a person would do if the construction of his new house is already finished is to share it publicly on Facebook. He might be excited about it and couldn’t contain to show off the layout to his friends on Facebook. You should be vigilant because you are giving information to criminals for them to know the exact layout of our house. Be reminded to never post photos that reveal the layout of an apartment or home and the valuables therein.

Stuff about your kids or your friend’s kids

Parents love to share photos of their kids because they are cute and adorable especially if they are doing goofy things or when they have achieved something. Almost every kid nowadays are growing up with an Instagram hashtag or multiple Facebook photos without giving second thoughts because we want to feel proud about it. However, you never know who’s watching.

We even put our child’s photos as our profile pics. Any photo of your child may fall into the hands of pedophiles or child pornographers and sometime predators who might bait your child. Do not post partially or completely naked pictures of your kids online, nor their complete name. Moreover, do not post the name and address of the school they go to.

The fact that you’re home alone

It is important not to put the status that you’re home alone we really don’t have any idea who’s reading it. Criminals would have a chance to break in to your house. It’s actually a no-brainer but people tend to forget this because of the social media hype.

Inappropriate picture or videos

Your may lose your job because of that racy, illicit or incriminating photos or videos on Facebook. Even deleted photos could come back to haunt you because you never know who saved them. For reassurance, just refrain from posting or uploading photos like this.

Complaints about your boss and your job

At some point you will find that working is frustrating. Having this said, the internet is not your buddy; you shouldn’t complain online. Your friends might find you ungrateful for the job and it might also get you into trouble with your boss. They can see that you’re gripping about your work that might reflect on them. Save your rants for personal, trusted people and never post it publicly.

Political and religious belief

You shouldn’t talk about politics and religious beliefs since we all have different point of views. You might get a favorable response from your friends; on the other hand, you might get bad comments about it. So, to save yourself from the hassle of online arguments, just refrain from making online comments on topics many people are sensitive of. Keep it to yourself or if you can’t, tell a close friend or relative about it.

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We’re in an era where most people love sharing on Facebook and other social media about their happiness, sorrows, and almost everything they can think of. The internet is one fantastic way to get connected with relatives, and friends. The big question here that you should be always asking yourself is if you should push through with sharing or not.

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