New Certificate Requirement In Renewing Passport

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A few weeks ago, we were dumbfounded when President Rodrigo Duterte signed into law the bills in extending the validity of passports and driver’s licenses. Now, our passports are valid for ten years; who’s not glad about that? But with this change and because of the new advanced way of making appointments, there should also be a key indicator of legitimacy in lined with that.

The Online DFA appointement-maker will now require complete information to be accomplished. Most likely, the address of birthplace indicated in your expired passport is the province only. Although it is accepted before, it won’t be now because of the new system. So how do you back this up? – You would need your NSO Certified Birth Certificate.

As per Vice Consul Elizabeth Picar Ramos, Filipinos who are required for this new requirement are those whose address does not reflect the city or municipality of their birthplace. For this, they would need to secure a copy of their NSO (now PSA) – Certified Birth Certificate.

Image Source: Philippine Consulate-General/ GulfNews

The Vice Consul added that if the applicant fails to submit a copy of their birth certificate, the printing of their passports would be suspended.

Effectivity of this new requirement will start August 2017. Ramos is urging all applicants to ensure that they bring the complete requirements, together with this new one to make the passport processing quick.

In addition, Ramos also said that as early as 10 months before expiration, Filipinos can then apply for Online Passport Renewal or book an appointment.

Meanwhile, applicants who weren’t able to attend to their appointment since June 1 shall set another appointment Online.

To give you a brief refresher, the following are needed for Passport Renewal:

  • Personal appearance
  • Duly accomplished application form – may be downloaded from the DFA website,
  • Confirmed appointment (Online; can be done 10 months before passport expiration)
  • Acceptable IDs at least one (1): for Brown, Green and MRP (without IC Chip logo). Please refer to List of Acceptable IDs
  • Most recent expiring or expired passport
  • Other Supporting Document as necessary
  • Original and Photocopy of Birth Certificate

In conclusion, people who are to renew their passports must bring a copy of their birth certificate to ensure a smooth and an efficient process. The e-passport would include

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