Moving to New Zealand, Canada, or Australia? Here’s How You Can Do It

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Here in the Philippines, it’s not hard to think about moving to a different country. Especially after everything, you will always come to think of moving to somewhere else; somewhere more peaceful, somewhere cleaner; where traffic is good. A lot of Filipinos become OFWs initially because they just want to work. The time just comes that they realize it’s better for them and their families to stay where they’re working. Why? Because of all the factors in life; success rate, corruption, salary, traffic, and many more.

In case you’re part of the Philippine population that wants to escape the harsh environments of the world, here’s a guide on how you can migrate to the more peaceful countries in the world. Although most of these countries are not fully English-speaking, some are just right off the bat. The most efficient and most feasible way to do this is by getting a working visa. Furthermore, this is also the best and fastest way to become a permanent resident of that country. Although being a student can increase your chances of getting there, you’d still need a job to become a permanent resident so you can live there.

So what countries are we talking about here?

In assumption, all of you aren’t ready and willing to learn Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, or Icelandic. That being said, we’ve limited this guide into the more peaceful English-speaking mass of the globe: Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Yes, I’m pretty sure you’ve at least thought about moving into one of these countries because most modern OFWs choose these countries over the Middle East.

Why do you think they choose these countries?

I won’t go in detail as to why they choose the following but if you try and come to think of it, these countries are not only good for migration, they’re also better for people in terms of health, lifestyle, and crime and success rate.

All of that being said, these three countries’ application process are pretty much the same in all aspects. You have to be invited by the immigration to come and apply for a working visa.

How do you get an invitation from the immigration?

Well, to start off, you would need to submit an Expression of Interest (EoI) from the immigration through their website. The chances of you being accepted to the pool of candidates will depend whether you reach the minimum required score on their points test.

These points will be dependent on some of the factors like: educational attainment, age, occupation, and marital status.

NOTE: Getting into the pool does not necessarily mean that you’ll have an invitation to apply. Moreover, being invited to apply does not guarantee that you’ll be granted a work visa.

Let’s cut to the chase, if you think that your line of work is relevant and one of the countries listed here is in need of your skill, and you have the funds to apply for a slot, then it’s worth a try. Here are the easiest ways on how you can migrate to these countries.


We know the Land Down Under for its sophistication and its vast scenery alone. Furthermore, the culture and way of living is also one factor. However, since Australia is looking to attract skilled immigrants to their less populated areas, the chances in major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane is off the table.

  • 2016 – United Nations Human Development Index Ranking: #2
  • 2017 – World Happiness Report Ranking: #9
  • 2017 – Global Peace Index Ranking: #12

Permanent Visa

  • Processing time: 9 months
  • Application fee: 375 AUD (estimation)


  • Work in the same area for a year (one year)
  • Must live in a specified region for approximately two (2) years

Work Visa

  • Application fee: 3670 AUD
  • Validity: 4 years


1. The applicant must submit an Expression of Interest (EoI) form through the Australian immigration skill set

  • 60 is the score that you need in order to be accepted in the pool of candidates
  • Prepare documents that support the claims you’ve made in your EOI.
  • **Your job should be on the list of skilled occupations
  • **You need to get skills assessment, unless:
  • –> You’re a doctor; in which case you’ll need to register as a general practitioner or specialist;
  • –>You’re a barrister or solicitor, which means you’ll have to obtain proof of admission to practice in the state you want to move to.
  • –>You need to be under 45 years old and competent in English

2. The applicant must receive an invitation to apply for a visa within two (2) years

  • Once received, the applicant must submit the application within 60 days

Sponsored by family

  • The applicant’s job must be in the Medium and Long term strategics list. Moreover, it must match the job descriptions list.
  • Furthermore, another prerequisite is that the applicant may apply to live in a designated area.
  • The occupations that these include are most likely: accountants, engineers, auditors, surveyors, agricultural consultants and scientists, teachers (for nursery school, special needs, hearing or sight-impaired students), doctors and nurses, programmers, psychologists, social workers, chefs, technicians, mechanics, and construction workers.

Nominated by a government agency or the state

  • The applicant’s job must be in the Medium and Long term strategics list. In addition, it can also be in the Short term strategics list which, surprisingly, is every job you can think of.
  • The applicant can apply to live in a regional or low-population growth metropolitan area.

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New Zealand

Cows, sheep, pastures, and everything in between, New Zealand is a go-to place for people who want to live with cows and sheep. No wonder why the kiwis are extremely happy and in content with their lives. Its direct and healthy pastures, the clean and remarkable cities, landmarks, all of those are the things you’ll get living in New Zealand. A special mention from the Philippine immigration team and they’re saying that they’re website is the most user-friendly immigration site they’ve seen.

  • 2016 – United Nations Human Development Index Ranking: #13
  • 2017 – World Happiness Report Ranking: #8
  • 2017 – Global Peace Index Ranking: #2

Work Visa

  • If the applicant received the invitation to apply, the applicant must submit and pay for the application within four (4) months. 
  • Visa processing: up to 6 months

Category visa for a Skilled Migrant

  • Application fee: 3, 085 NZD


1. Just like in Australia, the applicant needs to submit an Expression of Interest (EoI) with at least 160 points.

2. The applicant must be under 55 years old with the required number of points

3. The job title should be in the Long-Term Skill Shortage List; it must fall under skill levels 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 on the Australian and New Zealand Classification of Occupations:

  • A salary of 23.49 NZD should be equivalent if your skill level falls in 1, 2, or 3.
  • If your skill level falls on 4 and 5 however, the salary must be equivalent to at least 35.24 NZD

4. Surprisingly, if your line of work is in this list, you would need to register with the authorities of New Zealand. Let me give you an example; doctors, engineers, or architects must be registered with the New Zealand Register Boards.

5. Your qualifications or educational attainment needs to be recognized. This is for them to see how they align with the New Zealand Qualifications Framework, which ranks educational attainment levels from one to ten.

6. Lastly, check if your University is on the list of the qualifications exempt from assessment. If it is, skip this step.

Submitting an EoI will be worth 540 NZD.

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I don’t think that one Filipino hasn’t thought of moving and settling in Canada. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow, eh? With their accessibility to the Land of the Free, many people mostly Filipinos tend to migrate to Canada thinking that they’ll be having and living a different life there. They’re not wrong, in fact, in statistics, more than 500, 000 Filipinos call Canada their home. That doesn’t stop there, these numbers are increasing rapidly and it has no hints of stopping.

  • 2016 – United Nations Human Development Index Ranking: #2
  • 2017 – World Happiness Report Ranking: #7
  • 2017 – Global Peace Index Ranking: #12

Job Offers

While this may seem alarming, the job offer you need to receive does not necessarily have to be the current or previous job you’re doing. Yes, job-switching in Canada is one of the dreams and goals you will have when you migrate there.

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot

This program was constructed to give chance to people who aspire to work in Canada in Atlantic provinces. The one and only downside of this program is that it’s employer-driven meaning, you need to have a job offer from a business that is made to participate in the pilot before you can apply.


1. Must receive a job offer from a business or an employer from Canada

2. Eligibility requirements must be met:

Education (for workers)

  • Must need to attain at least a Canadian secondary degree (equivalent of high school in other countries); or
  • A foreign degree, diploma, certificate, or apprenticeship. You would need the Educational Credential Assessment to evaluate it; it needs to be less than five years old.


  • Must have a 2-year degree, diploma, certificate, or apprenticeship credential from a recognized publicly-funded institution in the Atlantic region.
  • Must be a full-time student for two (2) years, and graduated in the last 12 months
  • Must have lived at least 16 months in the Atlantic provinces two years before graduating
  • Should have the necessary visa to have permission to work, study, or train.

Intermediate-skilled workers:

The job offer must fall under NOC kill level 0, A, B, or C (jobs that require a high school diploma); it needs to be a permanent job.

High-skilled workers:

The job offer must and should last at least one year. It needs also to fall under the National Occupational Classification (NOC) skill level 0 (managerial), A (professional), or B (technical and skilled).

International Graduates:

Job offers should at least last one year and must fall under the same NOC.

Work Experience

  •  Workers should have a total of at least one year (1,500 hours or 30 hours per week) within the last three years
  • International graduates don’t need any work experience.


  • English proficiency should at least be Level 4 in Canadian or English or French;
  • Your approved language results should not be more than two (2) years old

After that, the applicant must get a needs assessment and settlement plan from your immigration officer. Then, you will give that to your employer. Once endorsed, the employer will then pass it to their Atlantic province for recommendation. You can now apply for permanent residency.

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Express Entry

Basing it from its term, express entry is a way on how you can enter Canada in the fastest way. Similar to New Zealand and Australia’s process, you will be chosen from a pool of candidates and it will be dependent on a points system. Additional points for applicants who have at least one sibling who has permanent residency and for strong and fluent French skills.

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