A lot of employees yearn to apply for a loan if and when they are struck by a calamity which can be floods, typhoons, and even earthquakes. The Social Security System offers this type of loan to its members which can be beneficial. In this article, we will be guiding you with the requirements and the procedures in order for you to pursue and successfully be approved of this loan.

One thing to keep in mind is that this type of loan is special; meaning, not all members are eligible for this loan and it is not available at any given time, anywhere.

The requirements to avail of this loan are:

And who are eligible to participate in this program of SSS?

  • A member who must have made at least twenty-four (24) monthly contributions;
  • A resident of the calamity area as covered by the Presidential Proclamation or as declared by the National Disaster who is currently employed;
  • A member who has not yet been granted a refund of contributions, retirement, or total permanent disability benefits;
  • And a member who is up-to-date in the payments of all membership loan obligations

The amount of the LRP Loan shall be granted only up to the extent that the loan being applied for, plus the member’s total outstanding loan balance shall not exceed Php50, 000.00.

How do I apply for this type of loan?

Of course, you have to bring all of the requirements listed above when you visit the nearest SSS branch in order for you not to go to and fro to the office. You can go there with your requirements and ask the staff about the LRP Loan Program so that they can fully assist you with your concern. Of course, you may have to wait for a few days prior to getting your request as they have to fully investigate and prepare the funds that the government set for this type of loan.

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Aside from our Social Security System, the Pag-IBIG (HDMF) and the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) also offers its members the ability to apply for a loan of this type of concern. Should you need more amount that what you can have, then you can ask for help with the staff from the SSS as to what things you can perform to get a better amount of loan.

Disasters strike and we are for sure not merry when those types of things happen. Good thing that we have an agency that helps its fellowmen recover from a loss that can be marked forever in their joyous hearts. If you need any assistance, you can directly contact the Social Security System at (02) 920-64-55.


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