Applying For A Digitized Taxpayer’s Identification Number (TIN) ID


Having a valid identification card (ID) is one of the advantages you can have in doing a lot of things; transactions, applications of all kinds (also jobs), even loans. Why? Because most organizations and companies in the Philippines require them. Of course, this will serve as proof of your legitimacy as a person and as a citizen of the Philippines. Moreover, this can further elaborate your identity and how you serve your government. Few of the more valid IDs considered here in the Philippines are government IDs such as:

In this article, we will be covering how you can get a TIN both in a Revenue District Office (RDO) and through online and how you can get the new digitized ID.

Good news! Getting a TIN ID is actually faster and easier than other government cards!

Yes, what you’ve just read above is legitimate. Moreover, in accordance to Executive Order No. 98, securing a TIN and an ID along with it should be efficient because this will secure smoother and better government transactions.

How can I apply for a TIN?

First, let’s talk about how you can secure a TIN. You actually have two (2) options here:

  • To go to the nearest RDO in your area; and;
  • By doing the application online

*If you do not have a TIN yet, and if you’re going to secure one for employment, ask your Human Resources (HR) department. Usually, they’re the one who processes this if you’re going to be working for the first time.

Well of course, that’s not always the case.

Applying through the nearest RDO

So the requirements you’ll be asked of are only:

  • PSA-Certified Birth Certificate and;
  • Any valid ID. To see the list of valid IDs here in the Philippines, click here.

Bring your requirements and proceed to the nearest RDO in your area. When you’re there, ask for a TIN application form. Just fill out this form, proceed to the window where you shall submit it. After submitting it together with your valid ID, you will then be given your Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) immediately. After getting your TIN ID, you now should ask for the TIN ID.

Usually, this will be given to you on the day of application. However, depending on the busyness of that certain RDO, they may ask you to return for the claiming of your TIN ID.

A recent update from a friend of ours is saying that when they emailed BIR. Their response to them was if they already have a TIN but no ID yet, they told them to go directly to the RDO where their TIN is currently registered and inquire if they have a printed ID under their name. If not, they may request it to be printed. With regard to how long it can be done, it depends on how busy the certain RDO is but it most often just takes a day.

*If you’re already working, proceed to the RDO where you’re office is reporting to. To know where this is, be in cooperation with your HR department because they’re the ones who know. From there, ask if you already have a printed ID under your name or if you still have to request it.

Applying online

Unlike the process of obtaining the TIN through any RDO, applying online is as easy as three (3) clicks. Just go to the BIR government online registration website. Just follow the instructions in the site; they should be easy to comprehend.

Note that securing more than one (1) TIN is a criminal act. Therefore, failure to cope with this requirement is punishable by law under the National Revenue Code of 1997.

So now that I have my TIN, how can I apply for an ID?

So if you’re already working, inquire with your HR department on which RDO they’re registered to. After that, proceed to that RDO in your spare time. When you’re in the RDO, inquire if you already have a printed ID under your name.

If YES, then claim the ID.

If NO, then ask for it to be printed. Claiming of the ID is dependent on the busyness of the said RDO. They will of course notify you on when you should return in the event they have too much workload.

There have been news and reports saying that the BIR said that the new TIN ID will not be free but as of the moment, there are no updates about that. It’s still the same; go to the RDO, and request for an ID.

For inquiries, suggestions, and clarifications, contact BIR at: [email protected]

Securing a TIN ID is actually one of the best ways to secure smoother transactions. Not only does it prove your legitimacy as a person of your country, it also shows that you are regularly contributing to the betterment of the society through taxes.

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