How Much Is The Contribution Of Employees To The SSS?

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The Social Security System (SSS), is one of the government institutions that provide insurance for employees in the private, professional, and informal sectors. One of the benefits of being an SSS member is that you’ll be eligible for different types of loans when you reach a certain amount of contributions. Just like any other insurance program, you would have make contributions to succumb the need or to be eligible for loans and different services. Moreover, if you’re an employee and you become sick (without pay), the SSS often reimburses the salary you were not able to get at a fixed amount.

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Given the fact that you need a certain amount of contributions to the institution, all employees should know how much they’re paying for. Most of the time, their salary gets automatically credited by the primary governmental requirements: The SSS, Pag-IBIG (HDMF), and PhilHealth.

So how much does an employee contribute every time they earn their paychecks?

In general, the total monthly contributions of an employee would be 11% of their total monthly salary. This is when an employee earns not more then Php16, 000/ month. Although you might think that this is quite a big amount, the employees aren’t actually draining that much because this contribution is shared between the employer and the employee. 

Generally speaking, the employee handles the 3.63% of the total contributions while the employer shoulders the remaining 7.37%. Of course, not all salaries are the same. This is why the SSS uses a table to determine the amount that should be gone from an employee based on their monthly income.

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This table is the extreme guide on whether you’re paying for the right amount of contributions or not. Let’s give a simple and concrete example.

An employee is earning Php10, 000 per month. 11% of his monthly income is Php1, 100.00. The employee would only have to pay Php363.30 . The remaining Php736.70 however, is going to be shouldered by the employer. Php10 for employee compensation or EC fee will be shouldered by the employer; most of the time, this is equivalent to one percent of the monthly salary credit of the employee.

To be fair and accurate, just hit on the link above to see the updated 2018 SSS contributions table.

Why does the company pay for more than half of the employees’ contributions?

This actually is a plan and a rule of the Philippine government. The employer should pay for their employees’ contributions to somehow help the employee with his insurance and of course, for that employee to stay with the company. It’s technically like a give-and-take kind of thing.

Now that you know how much you’re paying for, better to check it with the Human Resources (HR) of your company to ensure that you’re correctly paying for your contributions. This way, you can avoid mishaps or problems when the time comes that you need to get something out of the contributions you’re paying for.

You can also check your SSS contributions online, you only need to register your account. We have detailed instructions how to register in this post, “How to View or Check SSS Contributions Online“.

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