When Should You Restart Your Smartphone?

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Many people believe that smartphones work well like computers—that you have to shut it down if you are not using it. However, many experts believe otherwise. Our smartphones have what most computers have too; memory, a Random Access Memory (RAM), a processor, the list goes on. But many people still beg to ask the question: How often should I restart my phone?

When should you restart your smartphone?
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What happens when you restart your smartphone?

Some people firmly believe that restarting a smartphone erases everything they have on their phones—wrong. Restarting your phone or rebooting it, simply gets rid off all processes your phone is having. For instance, if you  feel that your phone is becoming hotter to the touch, restarting your phone can cool it back down.

Note: Your phone feeling a little too hot is normal because of the material you have on your phone. It is not normal when it’s hot to the point that you can’t touch it.

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In addition to the processes, restarting your phone is like letting it sleep while it is turned off. This is why many people know their smartphones too well and they just know the perfect timing on when they should let it sleep.

But is there a need to restart your smartphone?

This is both a yes and a no, for various reasons. We explained above that restarting a phone is like letting it sleep. One of the most obvious and best reasons on why you should restart your smartphone is if when your phone is acting up. Here are a couple of reasons on why it “might” be necessary to restart your smartphone:

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  • If an app crashes or if it won’t open up;
  • When a certain feature of your phone is not enabling (GPS, mobile data, wi-fi);
  • If your phone is bugging or when your GPS, for instance, is not accurate enough or far from reality;
  • If the system of your phone freezes on you and you’re unsure of what to do; and
  • When your browser doesn’t open up normally (bugging)

These are just some of the common and the best reasons why you should restart your smartphone. Although there are many more reasons why, the following that we listed above are just some of the “common” and most used reasons on why people should restart their smartphones.


RAM or Random Access Memory in simpler terms, is the part of your smartphone that enables you to utilize different apps at a time without your device crashing or failing.

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Modern smartphones have better RAM that can manage the memory of your apps better and more efficient. This is why with more modern smartphones, you don’t almost have to restart your phone regularly.

What happens with the RAM when you restart your smartphone?

Since your RAM is responsible for safekeeping your phone from a lot of various app usage and memory, letting your RAM rest clears it out; it means that your RAM somehow refreshes when you turn your phone off or when you reboot it.

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This is why the RAM is as important as the phone itself because it is the part of your phone responsible for keeping everything in place.

So how often should you restart your smartphone?

The holy grail of restarting your phone, according to tech experts would be at least once (1) a week. Once a week because most smartphones are used for more than sixteen (16) hours a day. Moreover, the frequency of restarting your device depends entirely on how the hard the phone is used.

Although some people believe that restarting your mobile once a week is a little bit too much, considering the fact that modern smartphones have excellent-quality RAM.

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Now that you know and that you are aware of when you should restart your smartphone, are you confident enough of the frequency of when you should reboot your device? Do you now know the impact of rebooting your smartphone and how it can affect your usage?

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