SSS Real-Time Processing of Contributions (RTPC)

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The Social Security System (SSS), being one of the government bodies, would oblige employees to pay monthly contributions for them to be eligible to gather up rewards and perks. Employees need not to worry about this because their employer would be the ones who will process it for them; it gets taken out automatically every payout. Voluntary members or members who are self-employed, however, need to  pay their contributions manually. Although there are many ways on how people can pay their contributions, its posting time can vary depending on the day of when it got paid. Last year, the SSS implemented the SSS Real-Time Processing of Contributions (RPTC) in which people can see their contributions posted immediately.

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What is the SSS Real-Time Processing of Contributions?

Based on its name, the RPTC is a process of the SSS in which monthly, quarterly, and semi-annually contributions of people and employees gets posted immediately. Meaning, it will be seen and tracked by the SSS system accordingly.

SSS Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President Emmanuel F. Dooc said that the RPTC would allow faster processing time for the convenience of both the government body, employers, and employees. Ultimately, this will allow SSS members to get a hold of their benefits on time and on schedule. Moreover, these payments should be prompt in order for people to claim their benefits accordingly.

“For instance, to avail of a sickness benefit, a member must have at least three posted contributions in the last 12 months immediately before his semester of sickness or injury. If any of his required contributions is not posted, he cannot apply yet for a sickness benefit,” explained Dooc.

So how do I process RTPC?

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Executing the SSS real-time processing of contributions is fairly easy. As a matter of fact, the SSS posted a video about this which are citing both employers and employees, guiding them on how they can process their contributions real-time.

Important reminders:

For both employees and employers, it’s imperative to update contact information and the billing address with SSS especially if you change it a lot. Why? Because the SSS regularly sends alerts, notifications, and reminders. In addition, it’s also where they tell you that your payment has been posted and has been recognized by the system.

If the contact information you have is outdated, you might miss out on what SSS has to say or to remind you of.

A guide for employers

1. The employer must go to their My.SSS account.

2. Once logged-in, the employer needs to get a hold of the Payment Reference Number (PRN). An employer can do that by doing the following steps:

  • The employer needs to review and edit their Electronics Collection List (e-CL).
  • Once it’s good to go, the employer can now generate their PRN.

Using the PRN

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Once a PRN has been generated, the employer just needs to present this to SSS every time they make a payment. By doing this, their payment gets automatically posted even after the moment they pay. This means that they don’t have to wait for the next business day; and that they don’t need an R3 in USB or printouts anymore.

A guide for individual members/self-employed/voluntary members

1. Just like the employer’s guide, the member needs to have a PRN. A member can acquire the PRN through:

  • The registered mobile number and email address
  • SSS branches e-centers
  • Through their email at [email protected]
  • SSS Call Center hotline at 920-6446; 917-7777
  • My.SSS account
  • SSS tellering counters

2. Once a member has their PRN, they can use this to present it whenever paying their contributions.

Using the PRN

Every individual or voluntary payment, an individual member can instantly check their payment contributions real-time through their My.SSS account.

With the SSS real-time contributions, payment-posting has now been made easy. It’s convenient for both employers and employees because their payments will now be instantly posted even after they made the payment. As per Dooc, this will enable faster and better processing of payments for employees to be able to claim their benefits and whatever they need without the need of waiting for payments to be posted.

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What if it’s done through other payment channels and facilities? Would the SSS real-time processing contributions still take effect?

Since we know that the SSS has a lot of alternatives in receiving payments such as the Security Bank, and other payment methods, the government branch emphasized that they’ll be in direct communication with these institutions to ensure a smooth flow of payment-posting.

“About 66 percent of our contribution collections are remitted through other payment channels aside from our tellering facilities, so we will make sure that our collection partners are in sync with our system to implement real-time posting of contributions,” said Dooc.

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With this new SSS facility, everything is made better and more efficient. Moreover, people don’t have to worry about their payments being late anymore. Hopefully, the SSS can still formulate more ways in helping their fellow Filipino people by providing convenience and service like no other.

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