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Nowadays, being competitive in creating effective marketing solutions and competitive business processes cost lots of money to implement. SMEs competing to giant brands with established machineries cause big loss or worse closing down. In building a business start-ups spend too much in getting a bulky POS Hardware plus the pains of getting other machines which adds up the big capital expense they invest in their businesses. Good thing VMoney has arrived and ready to lend us a helping hand in achieving more than what we can imagine.

As VMoney tirelessly creates solutions that simplify the way payments and financial transactions are managed, it has hit the ground running despite being a relatively new player in the payment industry, providing seamless services to businesses of different industries and sizes.

The VMoney platform has helped many small to medium businesses achieve greater efficiencies while offering their customers better and more convenient payment methods. VMoney aims to empower SMEs by equipping them with technologically advanced payment solutions that are comprehensive, cost-effective, and fast. Basically, VMoney covers the whole gamut of payments.

  • Funds Disbursement: Perfect for payroll, incentives, and commission payouts, VMoney’s platform enables small to large businesses to instantly send funds to its employees, either individually or simultaneously to multiple persons. Because there is no involvement with banks, the merchant has full control of the end-to-end process, removing unnecessary delays experienced with banks. On the other hand, recipients can immediately enjoy their funds and take advantage of the built-in value added services such as sending money to other members, bills payment, prepaid load purchasing, and online shopping with the VMoney Prepaid MasterCard. This comprehensive service that VMoney offers presents a cost-effective alternative to traditional ways of paying.
  • Online Payments: With the population’s increased propensity to shop, there is an equivalent demand for convenient and innovative methods of payment. Online shops and businesses can use the VMoney platform as a payment option in their website. This allows them to instantly accept payments online from their customers, even having the option to be their own white-labeled payment channel, thus reinforcing their brand in the competitive marketplace. VMoney’s online payment gateway integrates easily and seamlessly, advancing speed and security of transactions between the merchant and its members.
  • Tap Payments and VMoney’s POS Mobile App: VMoney’s proprietary POS mobile app, vPOS, enables businesses the mobility to accept various forms of payments such as different card types, tap payments, and even QR code, anytime. This technology also underlines the flexibility and robustness of VMoney’s technology, and has been used to facilitate online and offline tap payments at various events and music festivals locally and internationally.
  • Loyalty Program: If your business wants to establish a loyalty program or enhance its existing rewards program, VMoney offers a comprehensive, flexible, and customizable loyalty platform that easily integrates with existing merchant systems and seamlessly combines with other VMoney capabilities to simplify transactions and workflow.
  • Data Intelligence and Reporting – VMoney offers its proprietary data analytics and reporting tool, vReports, as a great value proposition to merchants wishing to maximize their business value through targeted marketing campaigns from on-demand and real-time analytics. vReports increases tactical efficiencies and captures meaningful customer connections through historical and behavioral data analyses. Finance and management teams can obtain real-time visibility into performance metrics, sales targets, and customer demographics, empowering them to streamline financial planning and analysis processes. 


VMoney’s holistic and all-encompassing payment platform allows businesses to seamlessly manage transactions in real-time, take full ownership of payment management and collection, and achieve greater transparency and efficiencies to further drive SMEs forward.

VMoney Benefits

  • Safe and Secure VMoney uses the highest encryption on all transactions and data security – matching and even exceeding encryption and protection used by financial institutions worldwide.
  • Real Time Transactions All transactions within the VMoney network are performed instantly – send funds, pay bills, purchase prepaid credits, and load VMoney cards.
  • Simple and Convenient – With a user-friendly online interface, the VMoney account can be accessed anytime from anywhere. Perform transactions from the VMoney account 24/7/365 and say goodbye to long line-ups to make over-the-counter payments.
  • Reloadable VMoney Prepaid MasterCard – The VMoney Prepaid MasterCard has access to millions of ATMs, retailers and online merchants and can used anywhere worldwide where MasterCard is accepted. Load it anytime in real-time.
  • One Account for All – As more and more businesses, merchants, and agencies are connected to VMoney, VMoney will act as a financial hub for paying and getting paid through these channels.
  • Transaction History – VMoney customers enjoy access to a detailed history of all transactions throughout the life of their account. For businesses, it allows for full transparency and thus eliminates fraud.

With one robust platform that encompasses the end-to-end flow of funds disbursements, online and POS payments, and loyalty programs, VMoney simplifies workflows and increases efficiencies and thus enables businesses to focus on their core goals.

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