What Really is a 5G Network and How can it Improve Our Lives?

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Technology is evolving; from the first few eras of having 2G and 3G, people became frantic. When 4G and LTE were released, a lot of possibilities came to be. But is there another improvement or a step higher than what we have right now? Is there such a thing as a 5G network?

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5G Network and how it can help us
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Here in the Philippines, telecommunication companies and tech giants are trying to start their own 5G networks. In first (1st) world countries, however, 5G is already existent.

What is a 5G network?

Contrary to popular belief, 5G network is just an advanced network than 4G or the current LTE that we currently utilize.

Just like 4G and the “ancient” 3G before, a 5G network is a type of wireless connection built and established specifically to cope with the swift exponential growth of devices that need a reliable mobile internet connection.

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Having this said, many people would think thar its capabilities are limited to mobile phones (smartphones) and computers. The 5G network utility can be used for doors and door locks, lights, home appliances, CCTVs, cars, dog collars, even wearables, and many other inert devices that are starting to connect to the internet.

The history of networks

The term 3G and 4G actually branch from the same roots. The “G” in these terms stand for “generation.”

The wireless phone technology evolved from 1G in the early 1990s. Its successor, which was 2G, came to life when companies first started enabling people to send text messages (SMS) between two (2) cellular devices.

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Without any hesitations, the world then evolved to using 3G; this gave people the ability to engage in phone calls and browse the internet. Yes, 3G was when the world had its first share of smartphones.

4G, eventually, was an improved and renewed form of 3G which made a lot more things possible. With 4G, people can do the same things they can with 3G, just better, faster, and more efficiently—they can even stream music, videos, and download and upload files, photos, and videos too.

What is LTE, then?

LTE or also known as “long term evolution,” is a variety of the 4G network. With its establishment, it easily became the fastest and most reliable type of mobile internet connection.

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Its utility and effectivity made the 4G network’s technology better.

How can the 5G network be of help to the current world we live in?

Many people die to ask the question: Is 5G faster and better than 4G? To answer that question simply and concise, yes.

The 5G network or for short, 5G, is a drastic enhancement of the 4G network. In the 4G setting, people can stream movies and experience changes in the quality. For a more concrete example, downloading HD movies. In a 4G network with a stable connection, an HD movie can be downloaded in more or less an hour. However, this can be disrupted because the signal can be blocked or jammed.

With 5G, downloading an HD movie can be done in a matter of seconds, a minute would be the maximum. Yes, its ultra-high speed connection would make all of our lives easier.

How fast is 5G?

The 5G network would offer a speed of up to 10GB per second. Meaning, 10GB is what your device will have in more or less a second given that your connection is at its best.

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In addition to that, the 5G network also reduces the latency in the connection significantly. In short, it will be providing the wireless broadband the capacity it needs to power and operate thousands of connected devices.

Is it available now?

As mentioned above, some areas, especially in the United States, are already utilizing 5G connection. In other areas, however, the expected time of when it will be released would be around the year 2020.

Here in the Philippines, different consortiums are already on the move to make this possible. Various cities and governments wish to implement the 5G network to their area for their people.

Nevertheless, the connection should fully improve and develop the type of usage we have right now.

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