Requirements and procedure for Seaman’s Book new applicants


One of the most promising jobs that male Filipinos want is to become a seaman. It is not as easy as it seems because you will start from the lowest point and you have to work your way up to become captain or part of the highest paid and well-respected people in the ship. To go on board, you won’t be needing a visa but you will need an SIRB (Seaman’s Identification Record Book) or Seaman’s Book. For those wanting to get one, you may do so at the MARINA (Maritime Industry Authority) office.

Just like any other passes, getting an SIRB will need requirements and it’s much simpler compared to any other requirements you need before getting a visa or something. The requirements you will need are:

  • Transcript of Records (Highschool ToR for Highschool graduates) (College ToR for College Graduates)
  • School Diploma (Highschool if HS Graduate, College if College graduate)
  • BSTC (Basic Safety Training Certificate)
  • Duly accomplished application form (MARINA)
  • NSO – authorized birth certificate
  • NBI Clearance (Visa Seaman)
  • Two (2) Passport size colored photos, collared garment, white background
  • Certificate of Authentication and Verification (CAV) from DECS or CHED
  • Php 800 for regular processing; Php1,500 for expedite

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What you need to do first is to fill up the application form which you can get at MARINA at PPL bldg., 1000 U.N Ave. cor San Marcelino, Manila, Philippines. After doing so, gather all the required documents you need to submit and proceed with it at the said office once again. Be sure to double-check all of the requirements to avoid coming back. Make sure to bring extra money for the processing fees to avoid confusion and shortages. After doing so, wait for your book and be ready to come aboard.

The Seaman’s Identification Record Book or SIRB, is considered to be the passport of the aspiring seamen here in the Philippines. This handbook will contain in detail everything about a seaman’s experience, career, and training. Although it is considered as the passport of seafarer’s, this obviously cannot replace the passport issued by the Philippine government. Other relevant information included that you can see in this handbook are: the name of the vessel, official number and place of registry, gross tonnage rank, date of place of embarkation and disembarkation, and signature of master.

Becoming a seafarer is remarkably not a simple task; it involves you knowing how to manage and organize a cruise, it involves you undergoing training in different scenarios and settings, and many other more. The anticipation that one gets out of this profession is truly amazing but before that, you need a seaman’s book to come aboard so grab yours now so you don’t miss the chance.

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