Here in the Philippines, postpaid lines are not much of a thing for the working class. Instead, most of them have their prepaid lines because it’s cheaper, more flexible, and they have the authority to do what they want and pay how they want to pay.

Since it’s prepaid, people have to think about how they will obtain credits or load in order for them to be able to use their mobile devices.

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However, most, if not all people only know a few ways on how they can reload credits to their prepaid account for them to be able to take advantage of different offers and discounts by their providers.

In this article, we will guide you and tell you the different ways to load up your prepaid account.

Why should you load up your prepaid account?

Your phone is a device made for communication. Most of the modern devices we now know of, offer or allow its users to utilize and access the internet.

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In order for a mobile device to be able to send messages, make calls, and access the internet, it needs load or credits. Without it, the phone won’t be able to initiate calls, send texts; it can connect to the internet but a wi-fi connection is needed.

What are the different ways to load up your prepaid account?

Traditionally, the way you can load up your prepaid account is by going to a retailer who offers prepaid credits.

However, as technology progresses, different methods on how you can load up your prepaid account emerge. You need not look anywhere else because in this article, we will be teaching you the different ways on how you can reload your prepaid account.

Traditional retailer (AutoLoadMax)

The most used way to reload is by visiting a retailer and getting your credits or load via a retailer. Sometimes, an electronic loading machine can accommodate your request to load up your prepaid account.

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This process just requires a retailer or a machine who can provide credits. You have to know your prepaid number by heart, though, because it has to be put it in the system.

Call/Prepaid Cards

This is the second (2nd) to the most famous type of loading system in the country. The reason why it’s just coming after AutoLoadMax is because call and prepaid cards are sold in the following denominations:

  • P100.00
  • P300.00; and
  • P500.00

Once you purchase a prepaid card, you can follow the instructions that can be found at the back of the card.

The steps are easy-to-follow and they’re understandable. You would know that the process is successful when a prompt tells you that the load or the credits are put on the account.

Via Online Banking

Most people aren’t aware that they can purchase loads/credits via their bank’s online banking system.

Loading up your prepaid account is actually an easy feature for both Touch Mobile (TM) and Globe subscribers; it is actually the easiest and fastest method if you are not fond of transacting in cash.

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Banco De Oro (BDO), Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), ChinaBank, MetroBank, and CitiBank are the main banks who offer Prepaid Mobile Reload.


You can utilize e-pins to load up your prepaid phone. It’s an easy way to reload your mobile device.

What are e-pins?

E-pins are similar to call cards. However, with the technology we have, e-pins are either a secured paper slip or text message. This message is the message that contains the card number and PIN needed to reload your account. You can get e-pins from RCPI outlets to get text-a-PIN. Paper slip e-pins, however, can be gotten from, 7Eleven, Eunilane Supermarkets and RCPI outlets.

So, similar to cards, e-pins are “virtual cards” so you would have to follow instructions, too.


GCash is the mobile wallet of Globe Telecom. It is regulated and approved by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP); and it is an app that allows users to purchase load, pay bills, and many more services.

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With the GCash app, you can use it to load up your or a friend’s prepaid account or you can use it to borrow load.


“A friend in need is a friend indeed.” Another great and interesting way for you to be able to load up your prepaid account is by asking friends to do a Pasaload or “Share-A-Load” to you.

Globe and TM subscribers can do and take advantage of this facility if the person they are sharing it too is also a Globe/TM subscriber.

Note: There is a P1.00 charge in doing this so you better inform your friend that if he or she is to do a Pasaload, he or she will be charged P1.00 for every Share-A-Load transaction.

If you have a credit card

As part of the ways on how you can load up your prepaid account, you can utilize your online banking facility for debit cards.

Grab PH and Lazada

Credit cards, on the other hand, requires a different method. If you have a credit card and you have the Grab PH application, you can request for a prepaid reload and it’s immediate.

Before you can do so, you need to top-up Grab credits first; that is what you will use to be able to do a mobile prepaid reload not just to Globe/TM subscribers, but to other networks as well.

Lazada, the online retail giant, also offers some sort of a reloading scheme if you log into to their website.

Online reloading programs

Other than the Grab app, you can search for different Philippine loading systems online. Although the downside of this is that it might be more expensive than traditional methods and other methods mentioned in this list.

But, it’s more stable; it responds faster than other apps such as the Grab app, online banking, and it has less downtime.

Prepaid credits are so useful that it became a necessity to people. In fact, it’s one of the things that help people make their jobs easier.

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Texting, calling, and accessing the internet are the reasons why people are in dire need of prepaid credits and/or load.

Now that you know the different methods on how you can load up your prepaid account, don’t panic when the nearest store capable of reloading your account up is unavailable. Read and follow our tips and never worry about reloading again.


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