Collection of simple solution, tips and tutorial for beginner's online. A detailed instructions which include step by step screenshot to make it easy to follow especially for the people that are not tech savvy.
PayPal recurring Payment

How To Cancel A PayPal Recurring Payment

It’s really frustrating to see that your PayPal balance was deducted due to some membership fees and other programmed... Read more
Google Search Tips and Tricks

15 Google Search Tips and Tricks you may not Know

Google, the most use website today where you can find almost anything just by typing in their powerful Search... Read more
SSS online

SSS Online Registration: A Helpful Illustrated guide how to register and Check SSS Contribution...

Step by Step tutorial How to View or Check SSS Contributions Online. You learn how to view your monthly premiums, loan balances and static info. Read more
Logout facebook

How to logout Facebook Account on another Computer or devices

Have you login your Facebook account to a computer or device and forgot to logout after? To make it... Read more
How to get new Postal ID

How to Get New Postal ID

For those who are asking how to get new Postal ID, I will simplify the steps in this article,... Read more
How to Save Instagram Photos

How to Save Instagram Photos

Instagram don't have an option to save other account photos, but using a third party apps you can easily save... Read more
who ignore Facebook friend request

How to find out Who’s Ignoring your Facebook Friend Request

Sometimes we send a friend request to some people that we already know and wanted to become friends on Facebook,... Read more

How to Detect and Fix Broken Links on WordPress Website

Broken links according to the dictionary is a connection in an HTML document to a URL that is not... Read more
Check SSS employment history online

How to Check SSS Employment History Online

As an employee, you are concerned about the amount withheld by the company from your earnings through payroll deduction,... Read more

How to Install WordPress Plugin

One of the best features of WordPress is having a plugin that can easily install to add more customization.... Read more

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