How to Earn Money in TikTok as an Affiliate with below 1k followers or even 0 

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Want to earn extra funds at home? You are on the right track because recently I have discovered a very convenient way to earn real money by promoting products on your TikTok account which is also known as TikTok Affiliate Marketing Program. With this program, TikTok(ers) can post and add product links to their content and earn commissions when someone buys the products. This might sound unbelievable but even if you have below 1,000 followers or even 0 follower, you can apply for the program and earn. Are you intrigued now? Then, I am not going to dilly-dally anymore and tell you about the detailed tutorials on how you can earn money by being a TikTok Affiliate. 

Step-by-step procedures on how to register as a TikTok Affiliate

Step 1: Go to your mobile browser and type

Step 2: Sign up for an account. As you can see, the country code is auto-filled, so just type your digit without the 0. Example: 09123456789: +639123456789 then click “submit”. 

How to Earn Money in Tiktok1

Step 3: Fill-up the remaining necessary information including the mobile verification that was sent to the number you provided, your email address with the email verification sent to it, your password and to confirm, you have to retype your password. 

How to Earn Money in Tiktok2

Step 4: Check the box if you want to receive trends, promotions, recommendations and account updates from TikTok Shop and then click “submit”. 

How to Earn Money in Tiktok3

Step 5: You will receive a confirmation from TikTok that your TikTok Shop registration has been successfully completed. 

How to Earn Money in Tiktok4

Step 6: Click the “Seller Center” in the email sent to you which will redirect you where you have to submit your proof of identification to settle your shop. 

Step 7: Provide your TikTok Shop name with 1 to 120 letters. 

How to Earn Money in Tiktok5

Step 8: Choose your type of identification which include National ID and more, and upload its front and back pictures, and click “submit.” 

How to Earn Money in Tiktok6

Step 9: Choose what is your business type, just select “Individual” then click “submit.”

How to Earn Money in Tiktok7

Step 10: Wait for 24 hours to have your shop approved. However, if you provided factual and correct information about yourself, you might be approved right away. 

Step 11: You will receive a notification in your email that your shop has been approved. 

How to Earn Money in Tiktok8

Step 12: Download TikTok Seller in your Play Store.

How to Earn Money in Tiktok9

Step 13: Log-in to your account and then click “Settings” below.

How to Earn Money in Tiktok10

Step 14: Look for “Linked TikTok accounts” and click “Official account” to link your account on TikTok. 

How to Earn Money in Tiktok11

How to Earn Money in Tiktok 12

How to Add Products on Your Yellow Basket? 

Step 1: Upon successful shop approval, go to your TikTok app profile where you will see a “basket” below. 

How to Earn Money in Tiktok 13

Step 2: Click it then press the “TikTok Shop” under it. 

How to Earn Money in Tiktok 14

Step 3: You can now add products to your shop by clicking “Product Marketplace”. By the way, you will see the estimated commissions you’ll get on each when someone buys the products you put on your post. 

How to Earn Money in Tiktok 15

Step 4: You can edit videos for your product by clicking “Manage products” followed by tapping the red circle on the right side. 

How to Earn Money in Tiktok 16

Step 5: You can also create or review a product by using any viral sounds on your FYP and just add product links on your contents. 

How Can I Earn Money by Being a TikTok Affiliate?

Well, basically, you will earn through Commissions with your Affiliate orders. As you can see, I am in need of extra funds because I am about to enter Practice Teaching. At first, I thought to myself that those people (even students like me) posting about how they earned on TikTok through affiliate were just hyping it up, and it was too good to be true, nevertheless, I tried. I won’t lose anything, anyway. And I was actually happy because it came out legit. I just received my first product commission today, that is why I was fueled to write this article to share with you. 

How to Earn Money in Tiktok 17

How to Earn Money in Tiktok 18

PENDING: 7 orders

NOTE: To accumulate viewers on your TikTok post, use general and specific hashtags pertaining to your products so it will appear in their FYP (For You Page). 

How to Withdraw your Commissions?

If you already decided to withdraw your commissions, you can do it anytime, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click “Commissions” then “Withdraw“.

How to Earn Money in Tiktok 19

Step 2: Click your preferred mode of payment whether through bank transfer or Gcash.

How to Earn Money in Tiktok 19

Step 3: Enter your desired amount and click “Withdraw now”.

How to Earn Money in Tiktok 20

P.S.: Here are the rules you must remember about your commissions.

How to Earn Money in Tiktok 21

And that’s all! Happy earnings! Follow my TikTok Shop @aestheticfinds96.

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