How to Fix Insufficient Storage Available in Android


So you just bought a new phone having a lot of memory you can even think of. You start to download important apps like Facebook, Browsers, Financial, etc. You downloaded at least 4 social apps and I can guarantee you that those apps won’t add up to even 100mb but a pop up stumbles you and says “Insufficient Storage Available” even if you know it has storage. What are the things I can do in order to cure this and to prevent this from happening again?

Solution 1: Deleting the app cache

This problem usually occurs when you have moved a large amount of memory from your device’s storage to your micro SD card and the memory was not properly erased. The procedure is easy, all you need to do is go to Settings > More (three dotted option) > Click on Storage. From there you will see a list of spaces as to which your drive currently resides in. You will see Cached Data and by clicking it, an option will pop up that makes you clear your cache data for apps.

Solution 2: Cache Cleaner

If you want another great Android utility app, then having Cache cleaner app is the best option for you. In just a split second and without toggling through your settings, you can have the option to completely delete the cached data from your apps or trash each data cache from the directory. The app is free, easy-to-use, and one-of-a-kind.

Solution 3: Old-fashioned cleaning

If overall you think your device is getting a little too slow and unproductive, then you might want to go back to the old-fashioned way of reviving it: Cleaning it yourself. Just make sure that when you clean it, you clean it thoroughly.

Formatting your device

The classic way of remobilizing and reviving your device is through formatting it. Go to Settings > Accounts and under that you will see the option Backup and Reset. Doing this process lets you to have your phone like it just got out of the store where you bought it. Make sure you back it up so you won’t lose files that you did not want to be removed.

Uninstalling unnecessary apps

Owning your phone for a couple of years may cause it to have apps that have been there even though you aren’t using it at all. Try and search for apps that are not being used anymore so you can free up space from your phone. Doing this can also enable your phone to process and run faster so go ahead and find apps you are not anymore using.

Deleting photos and videos

If you are that kind of person who uses his/her cellphone as a camera, then you probably are up for this. People like taking photos multiple times and from there, they choose the best photo. Find photos and videos you have taken before that are not of relevant use anymore and delete them. Photos take so much space more than you can think of especially nowadays since smartphone cameras keep getting better and better.

Transfer it to your laptop or hard drive if you want to keep it; this can also save your phone from running dry and processing slow.

There are more ways on how you can solve the annoying issue about memory on your Android device. Perform all of this and worry about that pop up no more.

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