10 New Labor Laws of the UAE That Will Benefit Our OFWs


As we all know, the middle east is one of the go-to places if we are to work abroad. In estimation, there are about 680, 000 Filipinos living in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Around 450, 000 of those live in Dubai; thus, making them 21.3% of Dubai’s population. Then what if the statistics are like that? What good would it do to our OFWs? This fact is a statement that tons of Filipinos are breaking their bones for their families and they are in the UAE. Yesterday, the 28th of September, 2017, the United Arab Emirates signed a new labor law; a labor law that would benefit foreign household workers in the UAE.

Constancio Vingnio, ambassador to Abu Dhabi, says that the new law seeks to promote rights, welfare, and working conditions of household workers; covering timely releases of salaries, paid rest days, and other benefits. Furthermore, the benefits would include medical insurance and leave, among others. 

If employers would observe and strictly follow the new law, the following workers would reap the benefit:

  • Watchmen
  • Housemaids
  • Chauffeurs
  • Security Guards
  • Housekeepers
  • Domestic Laborers
  • Private Teachers
  • Private Coaches
  • Private Nurses
  • Baby Sitters

Take note, these are just some of the thousands of Filipinos that would benefit from the newly announced labor law. There are more professions that could dramatically benefit from this. Moreover, the UAE was able to highlight ten (10) points in this new law.

1. Payment of wages, as set out in the standard contract, within ten days from the day they are due;
2. One day of paid rest per week;
3. In addition to that, twelve hours of rest per day, including eight hours of consecutive rest;
4. Medical insurance provided by the employer;
5. 30 medical leaves per year;
6. Round-trip ticket back home once every two years;
7. Decent meals at the employer’s expense; and
8. Decent accommodation;
9. Clothing – if the employer requires it then it should be at the employer’s expense;
10. Lastly, possession of their personal identification papers

NOTE: When we say foreign workers, it’s not just our OFWs; it can also be workers from different parts of the world servicing in the UAE.

Furthermore to this wonderful news, it also prohibits the hiring of people who are under eighteen years old (18) and the assignment of tasks that are not part of the contract.

The said law will take effect two (2) months after the Official Gazette of the United Arab Emirates publishes it.

So were you worrying about someone being maltreated in the UAE? Worry no more! With this new law, everything will flow smoothly and OFWs working in the UAE will be happier than ever.

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