Common Misunderstandings of Cloud Computing


Cloud computing is one of the technological developments which started slowly, but is now gaining a lot of users and their attention. With every passing day, it is gaining more customers, increased data and more information stored on its servers.

As people get more awareness about the benefits and advantages that this technology can offer, we will see an increased penetration and possibly some more advancement in the cloud computing itself.

The growth in this technology will result in a total change of mechanism as to how the data is stored, secured and shared in the world of corporate organizations and global competition. However, when it comes to using cloud computing, much of the education related to it is still missing.

There are a number of misunderstandings and myths that have recently surrounded the use of cloud computing. Like any other technological development, these myths can only be sorted out or rectified when there is a better awareness of the technology and its use. Today’s guest blog post is going to talk about the common misunderstandings and myths that are surrounding this technology.

The current computer will stay the same

A lot of people assume that their current computer setup and technology infrastructure will not be affected by the change or shift to this technology. While this might be true in some perspectives, but a lot of your ways of working and your computer operations will also change.

To start with, the server setup you have will obviously not be required as your data will shift to virtual storage of cloud computing, which is self-managed through its own dedicated and automated servers. If you are afraid of this change, then you must first mentally prepare yourselves and then plan your decision to move to this kind of technology.

Cloud computing is all secured

Even though this technology is probably much more secured than your usual internet and server setup, but this does not mean that your information is free from any kind of security threat. You also must ensure all your data has a strong backup as there can be data loss occurring any time, although not as frequently as on traditional servers. Cloud computing is all security, but with some exception of the fact that there are hackers and security threats present all the time.

Cloud computing means free storage

Yes, cloud computing is free for a certain storage limit, but if you need large bits of data to be saved regularly with the best kind of security, then it is important to spend some money on managing your account. Nothing that is good and strong comes for free, so it is important that you keep some budget for cloud computing.

Cloud computing does not require training

Cloud computing is a strange and new shift for a lot of your employees. You will have to train your employees to adjust and adapt to the new cloud computing requirements. Always make sure whenever you plan to shift to cloud computing, you arrange a proper training program for them.

Author Bio: Tim Cook is the author of this blog post. Tim works for an information technology company in Canada and has over a decade of experience. He likes to stay active online with his blogs on the site Dissertation-House-UK, for more information follow here at Facebook-TwitterGplus.

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