How To Earn Money in GCash Without The Referral Program


In today’s fast-paced digital age, mobile wallets have become an integral part of daily life for millions of people. GCash, one of the leading mobile wallet platforms in the Philippines, not only offers convenient digital financial services but also provides opportunities for users to earn money without relying solely on referral programs.

This article explores various ways to earn money with GCash, and goes beyond its referral program, offering a glimpse into the versatility of the platform.

1. Selling Prepaid Load


To generate income through the sale of prepaid loads, you can include a “service charge” in addition to the load value. For instance, you might sell a ₱100 cellphone load for ₱110, allowing you to retain the ₱10 surplus as your earnings. As you sell more load, your profits will increase accordingly.

Suppose you can successfully vend ₱2,000 worth of mobile phone credit daily. In this situation, you would net a daily profit of ₱200 or a monthly income of ₱6,000. If you happen to operate a sari-sari store or a convenience store in a high-traffic location, you’ll likely see even greater earnings, as the prepaid load is among the most sought-after products.

2. Become a Partner for GCash Pera Outlet


If you own a sari-sari store or any business that maintains a physical presence, you have the option to seek a partnership with GCash Pera Outlet. This enables you to provide bill payment and cash remittance services to your clientele. It’s essential to keep in mind that your business should be officially registered with the government and possess the requisite licenses, such as a Mayor’s Permit or a DTI Certificate.

To initiate the process of becoming a GCash Pera Outlet partner, access the GCash app, and click on “View All.” Choose “Pera Outlet” and select the “Apply Now” option. Proceed to complete the application form and upload images of your store along with your business permits.

Upon gaining approval to join as a GCash Pera Outlet partner, you will have the capability to offer services such as cash deposits, withdrawals, bill payments, and money transfers through the GCash app. Your potential earnings as a GCash Pera Outlet partner can reach up to ₱10,000 per month, or potentially even more!

3. Save Funds and Accrue Interest via GSave


If you happen to have additional funds available, consider placing them into your GCash savings account. Rather than stashing your money in a bank account with an annual interest rate of less than 1%, you can opt to place it in a GSave high-yield savings account.

Here is a list of the affiliated banks with GSave, where you can store your funds and receive an annual interest rate of up to 12%:

  • GSave by CIMB- Offers attractive interest rates, no charges, and complimentary insurance.
  • #MySaveUp by BPI– The most straightforward approach to kickstart your savings.
  • #UNOReady by UNO Digital Bank– Provides high-yield savings, daily interest accrual, and fixed-term deposits.
  • EzySave+ from Maybank– A convenient savings method, and it comes with a complimentary debit card.

GSave is accessible to users who have undergone partial or complete verification, so ensure that you have verified your GCash account beforehand. All deposited amounts are covered by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC), ensuring the safety and security of your funds.

To reach your GCash savings account, launch the GCash application and click on “GSave.” Pick your partnering bank and adhere to the provided guidelines to commence saving and accruing interest.

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4. Embrace an Investment Opportunity with GFunds


Becoming an investor doesn’t necessarily require attending workshops or delving into literature, although these can be beneficial. Through GFunds, you can effortlessly channel your funds into investments and generate passive earnings. You have the flexibility to initiate investments with as little as ₱50, and you retain the option to redeem your invested capital at any time.

To commence your investment journey within the GCash application, click on “GInvest” and navigate to “GFunds.” You may be required to respond to a set of queries to assess your risk tolerance. Select “View Investment Products” to review the array of investment funds accessible for you to channel your funds into. Opt for the desired fund and select “Subscribe” to initiate your investment in that particular fund.

5. Generate Dividends with GStocks


The stock exchange stands out as a prime avenue for financial gains (as exemplified by Warren Buffett). There’s no need to engage a stockbroker to procure stocks, as with the GCash app, you can venture into investments in the nation’s leading corporations, including but not limited to Jollibee, San Miguel Corporation, Ayala Corporation, SM, Globe Telecom, and others.

Presently, only GStocks PH is accessible for trading (with GStocks Global on the horizon). To begin your venture into the Philippine stock market using GCash, access “GInvest” and choose “GStocks PH.” Opt for “Commence” and subsequently designate your chosen broker, which is “AB Capital Securities, Inc.”

6. Invest in Digital Assets through GCrypto

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Beyond conventional stocks, digital assets, often referred to as cryptocurrencies or simply crypto, represent another widely favored approach to generating passive earnings. To participate in cryptocurrency investments, one typically needs to register with a cryptocurrency exchange like Binance or Coinbase. However, this is not a requisite when you can engage in cryptocurrency investments directly within the GCash application itself!

Fueled by PDAX, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the Philippines, GCrypto empowers GCash users to seamlessly purchase and vend digital currencies like Bitcoin. To initiate cryptocurrency trading within the GCash application, click on “View All” and then opt for “GCrypto.”

7. Engage in Gaming for Cash Rewards


Are you aware that you have the opportunity to participate in gaming while simultaneously earning monetary rewards through GCash? With GCash Games, you can relish mobile gaming and have the potential to secure enticing cash prizes!

A selection of games offering the chance to earn actual cash includes:

  • BingoPlus- Participate in bingo for a shot at the ₱75 million jackpot.
  • Color Game Live Perya- Enter the game with a minimum wager of ₱10 and achieve a triple color win to receive 60 times your bet.
  • Tongits Kingdom- Engage in the renowned card game Tong-its for the opportunity to secure substantial rewards.

To commence your gaming experience, access “View All,” and subsequently, choose “Games” from the “Enjoy” section.

Goama Games is another popular choice, providing a range of skill-based competitive games, both free and require a small entry fee (starting as low as ₱10) to participate in tournaments. Compete to secure high rankings on leaderboards and earn cash rewards along with thrilling prizes.

To initiate your gaming journey, access the GCash app, and select “GLife.” Pick “Goama Games” and make your selection among the available games. You can begin with free tournaments to refine your skills before stepping into paid competitions.

You may also explore mgames, an assortment of enjoyable games that offer monetary rewards. Fresh participants are eligible for a single complimentary spin, and you can acquire additional free spins by securing second or third place in a contest. To partake in the games, you have the option to acquire tokens (where 1 token equates to ₱15) using your GCash funds.

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8. Discover Part-time Employment via GCash Earn Money


Although relatively recent, GCash offers a feature known as Earn Money, which offers users opportunities to generate supplementary income.

Presently, the sole method available to earn money is by referring job opportunities to your acquaintances. When your referral is successfully hired for a position, you will receive a predetermined commission, which falls within the range of ₱1,000 to ₱2,500.

Stay alert as you will soon have the opportunity to secure income through part-time assignments and by fulfilling responsibilities and surveys. To access this function within GCash, press “View All” and opt for “Earn Money,” located within the “Enjoy” section.

9. Accumulate Benefits through Alipay+ Rewards


Were you aware that you have the potential to acquire cashback vouchers, reduced prices, and various enticing advantages via Alipay+ Rewards? Admittedly, it’s not precisely free funds, but these cashback vouchers enable you to make modest savings when making purchases through GCash and Alipay+.

Within the GCash application, click on “A+ Rewards” to initiate your journey. Rewards can be earned through daily check-ins, badge collection, and the acquisition of digital vouchers. You can also secure rewards by utilizing GCash and Alipay+ for online shopping, food orders, grocery purchases, and more.

10. Applications for Earning Money in GCash

A multitude of mobile applications provide avenues for generating income within GCash by accomplishing assignments, engaging in gaming, recommending friends, participating in raffle competitions, and numerous other methods.

Brainy by Rayole is a mobile application that offers complimentary games, allowing you to secure coins that can subsequently be exchanged for cash. This cash can be withdrawn to your GCash wallet.

To engage in these games, you will require tickets, and you can accumulate them by viewing video advertisements. Additionally, you can acquire coins by engaging in assignments and finishing surveys.

Upon downloading the app (currently accessible to Android users exclusively), you will receive a complimentary ₱5 credited to your account. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to amass additional earnings by encouraging your friends to download and employ Brainy.

MatchMe, another creation from Rayole, is a mobile application that allows you to amass “gold” by engaging in games, viewing videos, completing uncomplicated tasks, and responding to surveys. Once you attain the prescribed threshold, you can subsequently withdraw the accumulated gold as cash into your GCash account.

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By taking advantage of cash-in rebates, investing through Invest Money, accepting cashless transactions, participating in GCash Forest, earning cashback on bill payments, and leveraging exclusive e-commerce deals, you can enhance your financial well-being.

GCash is not just a mobile wallet; it’s a versatile financial tool that empowers users to make the most of their digital transactions and savings.

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