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The Philippine National Police (PNP) is the armed civil national service of the Philippines. If you want to be a part of the department, you need to undergo extensive training and you need to pass the entrance examination. The traditional way is to go to any of the testing centers and apply but right now, the department has a PNP online application where you can file an appointment of when you will be taking the exam.


In this article, we will be teaching you how you can successfully push through the filing of the PNP online entrance exam application, what the requirements are, and what you need to know if you’re planning to take the entrance examination.

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How can I get a schedule for the PNP online application or appointment for the PNP entrance exam?

The PNP, just like any government branch or department, has a website that people can access in order for them to know more information about what the PNP is, schedule of exams, and other updates and events about the certain department.

Accessing the NAPOLCOM Online Examination Application Scheduling System (OLEASS), aspiring PNP personnel can use this for them to schedule a filing of their application to take the entrance exam.

  1. Firstly, visit the NAPOLCOM Online Examination Application Scheduling System (OLEASS) and fill out all of the necessary fields and details. Alternatively, you can visit and click on the ONLINE APPLICATION SCHEDULING SYSTEM. This needs to be accurate because you can only do this ONCE. After doing so, hit on submit.
  2. Once you’ve successfully done that, a confirmation message and reference will appear. This message will also show you where your testing center is. Your testing center is the location where you need to submit the documents along with the reference or confirmation letter that was provided after you’ve filled-out all information in the PNP online application appointment system.
  3. Make sure to print the confirmation letter because you might not be acknowledged by people if you do not have it printed. Although you can save a screenshot of it in your device, it’s still better if you have the hard copy.
  4. An auto-generated email will be sent to the applicant which will provide a link to fill out the application form.
  5. Submit them with all of the required documentation that you need to present in the testing center.

NOTE: You need your confirmation letter when visiting the regional office when you file your interest in applying for the PNP entrance examination.

To clarify things, it is not the application yet; you would still have to submit your documents personally at any PNP testing center branch which will be provided to you in the first parts of your online process. Nevertheless, it’s still a saver because you will use less time, less, effort, and you will not be spending too much in transportation because when you proceed to the location where you need to submit your documents together with your confirmation letter, you will be given directives as to what to do next.

When are the dates for the PNP entrance examination?


Every year, the entrance examinations are cut into different dates in order to avoid floods of people in district offices and testing centers. This is because of the hundreds to thousands of Filipinos who have interests in applying for the PNP. What remains of this year is that the examination date would be on the:

21st of October 2018. The period for the filing of the online application was from the 30th of July 2018 up until the 2nd of August. The period wherein you have to submit your requirements, on the other hand was on the 28th of August until the 24th of September of this year.

However, the NAPOLCOM Computer-Assisted Examination (CAEx) is scheduled on the following dates:

  • August 3, 17 & 24, 2018
  • September 14, 21 & 28, 2018
  • November 9, 16, & 23, 2018
  • December 7 & 14, 2018

What do I need when I visit the PNP regional office?

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Applicants should bring their confirmed letter appointment and confirmation together with the requirements the PNP needs from them. Moreover, the confirmation message will include the testing center to which each applicant must go to in submitting their documents, validation, etc.

For you to know what the required documentation are, you can click on this link to access and be aware of what you need upon filing for the PNP entrance examination application.

Also, make sure that you bring the following for identity and authentication:

  • Notice of Admission (NoA)
  • One (1) valid ID with picture and signature
  • Two (2) pencils that are No. 2

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A few tips you should know about the PNP entrance examination

Here are few of the things you should know that will ultimately help you in taking the PNP entrance examination:

Coverage of the PNP entrance examination:

The exam will likely be a 3-hour long exam. This means that the items in the exam are not just for play. The following would be the topics covered in the PNP entrance examination:

  • Comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary;
  • Verbal and non-verbal logical reasoning;
  • Current Events
  • Criminal Justice Systems
  • Philippine Constitution
  • PNP Law and History
  • Social Awareness and Value Judgement
  • Basic concepts and problem-solving in quantitative reasoning.

Why does the PNP ask for all of these things?

Being part of their department is a crucial role. Apart from the fact that this department is the go-to when there’s trouble, people in this department would also be required to be critical thinkers, fast-paced thinkers, and logical.

Adding the fact that there’s now a PNP online application for the filing of the entrance exam, it’s a clear indication that many Filipinos are really looking forward to being part of the team.

What are the different testing centers? Where are they located?

All over the country, there are many different testing centers to provide convenience to anyone who is willing to apply. The following are the regions and where an exam center is located:

Philippine Region

Exam Center Location

1San Fernando City, La Union
2Tuguegarao City
3Angeles City, Pampanga
4ACalamba City
4BCalapan City
5Guinobatan, Albay
6Iloilo City
7Cebu City
8Tacloban City
Calbayog City
9Pagadian City
Zamboanga City
10Cagayan de Oro City
11Davao City
12Koronadal City
CARBaguio City
CARAGAButuan City
ARMMCotabato City
NCRMakati City

Are there clothing restrictions in taking the PNP entrance exam?

Yes, and they’re quite strict about this. In taking the PNP entrance examination, examinees who are wearing improper and informal attire will not be allowed to take the examination. Note that there are no exceptions so it’s best to arrive and be presentable if you’ll be taking the examination.

Of course, the wearing of sandals, slippers, short pants, pyjamas, sleeveless shirts are NOT allowed. Applicants will be required to wear:


To know more information about the do’s and don’ts during the examination day, click here.

If you look at it, different government branches are currently improving their systems in order for the convenience of both employees and participants whenever a certificate, a confirmation, or a validation is required.

The PNP online application appointment system is a system wherein you can achieve convenience in filing or notifying the PNP that you’re interested in applying for the entrance examination.

Are you interested in applying to be a part of the PNP? Are you interested in partaking in the entrance examination of the PNP? If so, then utilize the PNP online application appointment system facility and lessen the hassle in signing up for the entrance exam application.

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