Dashboard Camera: Pros and Cons

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A lot of us have been exposed to social media and almost half of the content we can see is recorded using a dashboard camera or also known as dash cams. Yes, a lot would think that it can do more good that it can do bad but of course, all of things have their disadvantages. In this article, we will be sharing certain advantages and disadvantages of dashboard cameras to you and to other people as well.

For starters, dash cams are cameras that can be mounted onto the dashboard or the windshield of your car. It has not been popular over the first years when it was created but people saw the benefits of it and started using it.

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Pro: It can be helpful in accidents

Yes, dash cams are probably one of the easiest evidences to put out there where traffic and the road is involved. You don’t have to do anything to provide a clean evidence of an accident or a crime if it was clearly captured by your camera. One good example is when you encounter a hit-and-run, the plate, model, and make of the car committing the crime can be seen if captured.

Con: Dash Cams can be a source of an accident, too

Dash Cams are just tiny pieces of camera that can be mounted onto your car to help you record what you see in the road, right? But some dash cams have other features as well which can distract the driver and make him or her lose focus on the road itself. This is a problem with latest technology and should be solved accordingly.

Pro: You can monitor driving

Parents let their children use their cars and trust them not to go to some place where they can hurt themselves or even the car. Having the dash cam can prevent that from happening since you will be recording the places and the events on where the car and your child has gone.

Con: It can be used Against you

While some people believe that having a dash cam can definitely save their butts off a scene, sometimes, you forget the law and traffic rules which make you liable for something that has occurred. If there are footage that prove that you are the one to blame in an incident, you can be then charged with worse cases. In this case, having a dash cam is on either side of your pocket. 

Pro: Safety and Security

It can also be a great way to avoid damages since dash cams can record even when you are away so if you spot a not-so-experienced driver and you saw that what he had done, you can easily find and track the person.

Con: It is illegal in some states and countries

Of course, recording publicly is not allowed because of privacy issues and because the law or the ordinance in some places bear it. Some even incur heavy fines if you are caught recording a public event or even just recording something random publicly so you need to be careful.

As you can see, there are of course disadvantages as well in using dashboard cameras so you are obliged to be more careful if you are to install one in your car. You just need to be careful and to be honest even if you know you’ll be in trouble. Dash cams are created in order to make our lives easier and better and of course, to help us with our everyday lives.

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