6 Food Business Ideas for as low as P1,000


The provision of a necessity that everyone also enjoys is combined with elements of art, cultural expression, and personal passion. Getting into the food industry will provide you the chance to produce and/or market foods and beverages that others will like while also serving as genuine and personal expressions of oneself.

One of the most recommendable businesses you can probably start is the food business. But before entering the food industry, remember to ask yourself these questions: “Is it part of the essentials?” or “Is it in line with the target market?” Starting a business involves thorough planning, but if you are only looking for ideas to earn side-hustle income while staying at home, here are the top 6 Food Business ideas you can start with as low as P1,000 capital.

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1. Puto

Puto is one of the all-time favorite delicacies of Filipinos. It’s easy to make and you can opt for a different variety such as ube puto, monggo puto, puto-pao, puto-bao (with bukayo, matcha, langka, macapuno, and ube). The internet is always available, you can search on YouTube on how to make Puto.

2. Home-Cooked Meals

Home-cooked meals are one of the trending businesses today, especially in the present situation where we want to taste some other dishes through home delivery. The most suggested home-cooked meal is pasta. Let’s say, if you cook a kilo of pasta which is around P70 (plus other ingredients), you can divide it into 4 orders which you can sell for P100 pesos per order.

3. Baked Pastries

If you like baking such as cupcakes, doughnuts, brownies, or graham balls, you can turn your hobby into a business and earn extra money. It’s basically worth a try since the ingredients like flour, sugar, milk, butter, baking powder, and eggs can be mostly found at home. And many of us are fond of sweets for merienda. You can sell it per piece if you want.

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4. Skinless Longganisa

Breakfast is still the most important part of our everyday meals and skinless longganisa is the key to a churning stomach. Skinless longganisa is a Filipino-style sausage otherwise called naked longganisa either sweet or garlicky. You can buy 2 kilos of ground pork or chicken for a trial and error which you can sell by packs.

5. Chocolate Candies

The pros about chocolate candies is that it can be a snack or gift and can be a substitute for commercial brands.There are so many chocolate candy recipes you can choose from (crunchy, creamy, chocolate and peanut butter, or minty chocolate recipes). As a matter of fact, according to study, chocolate was found to lessen stress in both normal healthy people and people who were under a lot of stress. Stressed people resort to chocolates to cheer up so it can have a margin from 50% to 100%.

6. Siomai

If you know how to make siomai then you can start a food business out of it. Whether that’s pork, chicken, or fish siomai. Plus, siomai can be sold either cooked (steamed or fried) or frozen which can be sold by packs or pieces. So, for example, 20-30 grams of one piece of siomai with a capital of P5 can be sold for P10-P12.

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There you go! Do you know why the food business will never go out-of-style? Because everyone needs to eat throughout the day, food will always be in demand. And the key is knowing the general’s preferences. That being said, creating a business that focuses on food may be an incredibly good idea!

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