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Canada is few of the countries millions of Filipinos choose to live in. The younger ones tend to look at the place as the perfect grounds for careers; while the not-so-young ones look at it as a fantastic place to settle in. Although as of the moment, Canada is the dream for most Filipinos, getting there and becoming a citizen can be your roadblock. Furthermore, with the political concerns in The Land of the Great, you’d be thinking twice in moving to the U.S.

For those of you who are unsure of what good Canada brings, let me tell you a few things about it. Canada is the country in which people are over-friendly. It’s not like you’re in a cartoon but hey, you get the point. Moreover, the healthcare in Canada is something that your grandparents would dream of. A leader would reflect its country, isn’t that right? Well, Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau is one of the most-liked leaders across the globe.

Is coming to Canada easy?

Although for most people who have relatives in Canada, this question seems to be a no-brainer. However in general terms, becoming a citizen is something that would require extra effort. For people who are interested in residing in the vast lands with snow, here’s how you can do it.

At least be 18 years old

If you’re a minor and you’re reading this… go read something else! Just joking. Kidding aside, moving to Canada while you’re a minor can be a maze; minors need their parents to fill out the application form for them but their parents doesn’t necessarily need to be a citizen. For a detailed instruction, click here.

But if you know to yourself that you’re not a minor;

You can enter the platform of skilled workers

Since Canada is known for attracting different types of people into their country, they have different ways of entries for interested foreigners; one of which is the Express Entry. This Express Entry is the fast-paced platform of letting people in their country to have a role in the society. Applicants in this pool of category are given specific scores which are based on their skill and talent, age, and competency. People who’re at the top of their industry are thorough invited to live in Canada to become permanent residents.

We’ve had an overview on how you can migrate to different countries. Click here.

Either speak English or French

Yes, French is their 2nd mother tongue. Although English is their dominant speaking language, there are parts of Canada wherein French is everywhere. Make sure that you have the capability and the knowledge to speak either of these languages. You don’t need to be fluent, you just have to know how to be conversational; initiate small talk, tell stories, give directions, etc.

With your application, you’ll be asked to submit a document that would narrate how much you’re capable of speaking French or English.

Have a permanent residence in Canada

There are different ways on how you can acquire permanent residence in Canada. One of the easiest is going to Quebec because they have a special immigration requirements for interested applicants. Other options would be by getting aid from a family member/friend in Canada, applying through a province of their own choice, or by going down a special entrepreneurial route.

You may ask, why have a permanent residence? Besides the fact that it can strengthen your application for citizenship, having a permanent residence make you subject to special healthcare coverage, work, study, travel around Canada. The things you can’t do however is you cannot run for office, you can’t vote, and have jobs that are sensitive in terms of security and confidentiality.

Voice out your willingness and intent to reside

Once you get invited to be a permanent resident, you must declare your willingness to reside. The Canadian office’s definition of permanent residence is by staying three years in a five-year period.

Live for at least six (6) years in that residence

If you’re a permanent resident, you don’t automatically become a citizen; the degrees of becoming a citizen are higher and much more intense. If you’re currently living in Canada, you need to be a permanent resident and physically present in Canada for at least 1, 460 days (4 years; four 365-day periods) in the six years immediately before the date of your application. As you can see, your stay in Canada needs to be consistent. Otherwise, the offices might label you as someone who’s not interested for citizenship.

Provide income tax filing


As far as requirements are concerned, you need to be able to provide at least three years’ worth of income tax returns in the five-year period leading up to the date of your application.

In simpler terms, they just want to check if your job is not underground.

Expect the worst

I’m not saying that most applications for citizenship gets denied, it’s just that you need to know the things that can make your application negative. Things like a resident being subject to crime, not abiding by the rules and regulations, etc. The government looks down on applicants who committed a crime within four (4) years of submitting their application or those who’re on trial for a crime.

To get a more detailed view of what I’m talking about, click here.

Treat your Canada as your home

If you’re just new to the country, don’t be redundant by feeling homesick every now and then. Although it’s a common case, thinking that can only make things worse. Instead, swallow the culture, slowly learn how being a Canadian works. It’s not expected that everyone can manage to blend in and dive all of a sudden; you can learn how to be flexible with it, try and blend in with other Canadians, ask help, make friends, etc.

In addition, buy clothes that would suit all of the four seasons Canada offers. Invest in clothing that would be beneficial during summer and winter. By doing these things, you’re slowly upping your chances for a citizenship.

Canada is a country most people dream of. A lovely weather, good people, and overall a great country. Well, you can always try for a citizenship to other countries but, if you’re a person who successfully gets accepted in Canada? Well that’s a blessing.

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