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It is no question that a lot of people have a hard time studying. There are some people who really struggle with studying that although it consumes a lot of time, the study that they make is still not enough. Although it obviously depends on the person, there are study tips, tricks, and habits you need to know so that every time you study, you will now then get all important information that you need and thus making your study effective.

Develop a beautiful approach to studying

There are researches that have found out that the way you approach studying plays a big role on how you can study effectively. Being able to develop the right mindset will turn the world around. We can’t of course blame the external environment if we cannot focus on our study; emotional distress, family problems, financial problems, etc., are not really things we can point our fingers to when we fail to study efficiently.

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Develop the right mindset and you can see the results yourselves. Avoid comparing yourself to other people, avoid thinking about failing, and lastly, avoid thinking about negativity which can lead to stress and will therefore block you from obtaining the proper mindset.

Take good notes

You are not obliged to write everything that your professor told you; you just have to remember the important points or things that your teacher said. What you just need to do is to write the important things down, highlight the most important things and proceed with your study from there. It’s not actually difficult to take note of the most important things and disregard all the not-so-important.

Create a well-thought study schedule

It is not recommended that we study at random times; spontaneity will not help you in this case. Planning a study schedule will greatly increase your chances of performing better and studying more effectively because having it will entice your mind in studying; your brain will prepare itself for studying, thus, making it more open and welcoming to the lessons you are about to study.

Bring everything you need to where you are studying

Frequently standing up to get a pen, pencil, or paper can disrupt you from studying. This can break the momentum you get when you start studying. Standing up to look for something is not a form of relaxation that can soothe your brain after a few minutes of studying; it will just eat what you have learned away. What you can do is to have a checklist on what you will need for your study session and have those near you like a few inches away so that you won’t have to stand up or worse, look for it when you need it.

Take rests after a few minutes

Studies suggest that continuous studying is not really as effective as taking micro rests or a couple minutes of rest. Micro rests are a few minutes of rest you can do to reward your brain for its cooperation by relaxing it for a minute or two. Have a sip of water, close your eyes for a little bit, listen to your favorite music, or do stuff that will relax you to rest your brain for a minute.

Pick a nice study place

This might sound irrelevant to some people but where you study is extremely important. Distractions are the main reason why you fail to study effectively and choosing a tranquil place is just the answer for it. Put away your phone, laptop, or the internet and you will have a fruitful recap of the lessons you have learned.

Although these are just some of the habits you need, these are the most important ones and these factors yield the most different results. Always remember that you do not always have to study harder, you do not always have to exert more effort; what you can do is to study smart and you’ll beat the record of studying a dozen steps ahead.


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