How to change WiFi Password using DLink DIR 300

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Have you noticed unusual activity of your Wi-Fi router? Chances are your neighbor or somebody nearby are surfing using your bandwidth.

This is unfair to you because you are paying monthly and they are using it for free, the good thing and you should do regularly is to change your router password with hard to guess WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) passphrase, and avoid using  WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) which is easier to crack by hackers.

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If you don’t know how to change your router password, you will learn in this article by following the steps given. Please note that I used Dlink DIR 300 router in this tutorial, all the screenshot given below may differ depending on your router. Make sure to refer to the manufacturers manual before you proceed.

Step 1: Enter your router’s address in a browser window. In the URL field, enter one of the following numbers based on the model of wireless router you use: – Belkin, Microsoft, and SMC, – Qwest (AKA CenturyLink), Netgear, DLink, Senao, Trendnet, –  Apple. In my case I use because I’m using a Dlink router, if your router not included above, search on Google for your router name and include “default IP address” to find the correct information. How to change WiFi password using Dlink DIR 300 Step 1

Enter your router’s user name and password, if requested. Not all routers require that, but if yours does, it should be listed in the documentation. If your router does require a password, but you didn’t set one, the default password is usually “admin.” You can usually leave the username field blank.

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Step 2: Inside your router settings, in the Left Menu head on to “Wireless Setup” Link, and at the bottom, click on “Manual Wireless Connection Setup” button,  this may differ if you’re using different router as I’ve mentioned before.How to change WiFi password using Dlink DIR 300 Step 2

Step 3: You will redirected to wireless network page, scroll down at the bottom part and select “Enable WPA/WPA2 Wireless Security (enhanced)” in Security Mode drop down. Then type your desired WiFi password in the Network Key and don’t forget to save the new settings. See the Screenshot.How to change WiFi password using Dlink DIR 300 Step 3

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