Candy Crush Saga: How to get free extra life easily


Are you frustrated to get extra lives on your favorite Candy Crush Saga Game? Are you left behind when your friends talking their level on Candy Crush? You want to know how you can speed up your level and beat them? Well, without cheating, it’s very difficult to get an extra life for free, even you have so many friends, asking for extra life sometimes is not the right move.

In this post I will show how you can easily get free extra life, without changing the clock settings of your device to get unlimited life, but this is only applicable if you have more than one device that are compatible to run candy crush.

How to Get Extra Lives on Candy Crush

If you have only one you can try to change your clock settings or advance it for 1 or 2 days to get unlimited life, you can read my previous post how to change clock settings on iPad remember that I try it only on my iPad, I don’t know exactly if changing the time or date on a PC or other android devices will give you unlimited life.

The downside or negative effect of changing the date or time in your iPad is that after you return into correct settings you don’t have life until you reach the date that you forwarded your date settings, for example if you advance it for 2 days you will wait two days before your life return back.

Back to the tips that I want to share with you without changing the clock settings, as I mention before that this is only applicable for people that has more than 1 device compatible to run Candy Crush. You can take advantage if you have so many device to your friends that have only one.

If you have an iPhone, iPad, laptop and PC that are equal to 2o lives, using all your device in the rotation, it’s like you have unlimited life, you are wondering why? I don’t know also why King (the makers of Candy Crush) didn’t realize this, that when you login your account to another device the amount of life is not synchronized.

I’ll try it to my iPad and laptop, after I finished the five life given on my iPad, I’ll use my laptop with another 5 lives and after I consumed all 5 lives I’ll return to my iPad to continue. Imagine if you have 4 devices, you can play as long as you want. Enjoy!

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