Businesses you can start under Php10, 000

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Having money is difficult because of the decisions you have to make about it. You can either buy things for yourself, you can save it, or you can make it grow. Businesses do not only revolve about companies, franchises, and a lot of those expensive ones. There also are businesses that you can start with low capital. Here are a few of the businesses you can take in just under Php10, 000.

Pastry Goods/Donuts

Filipinos are known to be big eaters and that is exactly why this one is a good low capital business that can flourish and become known nationwide. Food is the best product you can offer consumers both physically and online. The big-appetite that Filipinos have will probably make you want to make more. Pastry goods like cupcakes, brownies, donuts, etc. is slowly becoming one of the best food start up businesses and the good thing about this is that it is not that hard! All you need is a little knowledge in baking and you are all set!   If you are still studying you can sell it to your schoolmates and your neighbors as well, your mom’s friends, and do it online as well.

Do your marketing well and you will be shocked that you are now having a lot of customers and then you will start a new branch with new employees working for you. Capital is Php3, 000 depending on how many you like to make and you should consider baking equipment as well.

Startup Capital: Php3, 000+

Online business

Many may argue with the fact that the internet alone is part of the capital for business but it is most certainly true. Having internet connection is one tool in earning money, lots of money. You can find people, places, things, jobs, almost anything in the internet. It is generally the marketplace of all good things you need to find, you just need to know where to look.

You can use the internet to spread about your merchandise or your services to the world. You just need to have a good quality internet connection, something to sell like services or products like gadgets, food, clothes, etc. and you are all set.

There are people who do buy and sell – they buy stuff online for a lower price and sell it in a higher price, the price difference is their income. You can start by observing the movement of the products online and then go ahead and start your own.

Startup Capital: Php8, 000+ *If you will buy new products like shoes and gadgets.

Barbeque Stand

Everyone loves to eat inihaw and you can admit that. With the exception of our Muslim friends and acquaintances, eating inihaw is clearly one hell of an experience. You need to have meat for your food and condiments for sawsawan, and of course, a grill for grilling your delectable pork barbecue or dugo or isaw ng manok or baboy clearly anything you want to sell!

Startup Capital: Php7, 000+


A lot of Filipinos patronize the local boutiques that offer imported products; clothes, shoes, even bags, are imported from different countries and are sold here. There are overruns that are being sold like 40 – 50 pesos each and you can buy accessories, apparel, and other cheap things that you can sell.

Businesses you can start under Php10, 000

You can start by opening an online boutique so that people will be aware of what you offer. It will be a nice start if you buy things online, clean it, design it yourself, and sell it for a better price for you online. After you have made your name, start by opening a small boutique. Manage it well and watch the magic as it grows.

Startup Capital: Php8, 000+ for at least 150-200 pieces of apparel

Poultry Farming

Yes, you can make FarmVille in real life and in a much more profit-yielding way. If you have a big space like in your backyard, or your big open garage, you can start a poultry business of chicks or pigs. Just beware because you know it will smell so the style on how you can hide or eradicate the smell depends on you. It is also not recommended to those people live in the middle of the city because it may cause disturbance in your neighborhood.

It also needs proper management because you have to buy chicks that will nurture or grow; you have to feed it with feeds that will make them grow, inject vitamins so they will avoid illnesses, in a nice quiet place because chicks are weak animals, they die easily.

Startup Capital: Php6, 000 for around 15-20 chicks.                 

Load Selling

Filipinos in the working class do not roll on a postpaid sim card. They will need load in order to send SMS messages and to call and one good business is to buy load and sell it to people.

There are a lot of load sellers that you can buy from and just to set your expectation, this business do not yield a million-peso deal overnight; it is a long-run stable business which evidentially increases as time passes by. A lot of Smart or Globe users buy load at least 1000 a month each person and that is a clear indication that it is not going to fail you.

Startup Capital: Php4, 000+

These are only a few of the businesses you can start under Php10, 000. It is certain that it won’t yield a 6-digit profit but of course you have got to start from something. Remember, billionaires were not born or were not made overnight, you have to take baby steps in order to achieve what you want, you got to start from something small and make your way up.

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