Here’s How You Can Mark Your Entire Gmail Inbox as Read?


It might be difficult to admit, but most of you have your Gmail inboxes full of stuff you don’t even read. It’s common, in fact, emails are often one of the most disregarded things because unless you communicate with it, it’s just full of a lot of side-stuff like:

Mark Your Entire Gmail Inbox as Read
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  • Receipts and Payment Confirmations
  • Spam
  • Quotes and Horoscopes
  • Promotions and Offers
  • Among Others

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You may also have come to the point where you want to mark all of the 1,000+ emails you have in your inbox as read. This is so you don’t keep on remembering what your last count was. Luckily for you, that’s what we’ll be discussing in this article!

We will teach you how you can mark your entire Gmail inbox as read; and it’s actually an easy way to do it.

Why mark your inbox as read?

Unless you’re looking forward to read more than a thousand emails in your inbox, you might as well mark them as read so that you can keep track of what’s coming in. At the end of this article, we’ll also teach you how you can unsubscribe to some of the spams and the messages you get.

Here are some of the benefits on why you should mark it all as read:

  • It can give you a fresh start and begin noticing emails
  • You’ll have a better sense of responsibility and priority
  • You will be able to mark emails as important and not

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Doing it page by page

Most of the people who attempt to do it would do it page by page; this option is available because per page, you’re allowed to select and pick up to 50 emails.

However, we are not here to teach you how to do it page by page; it’ll take you hours because Gmail allows up to a 50 emails in their new UI. So how do you do it? It’s actually simple.

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Here’s how to mark your entire Gmail inbox as read

Without further ado, we will help you and guide you on how you can mark your entire Gmail inbox as read.

  1. In the search field, type in label:inbox is:unread. The search field can be seen at the top of the page. Hit on enter and Gmail will display the first 20 messages that are unread in your inbox.
  2. Click on the down arrow which would give you different options such as all, none, read, unread, starred, etc. – choose All
  3. When you do this, click the option that will pop-up prompting the message that goes Select All Conversations That Match Results. You will see this certain prompt at the top of the page. What this means is that Gmail is trying to tell you that all email that fits the description will be selected.
  4. Hit on the More button or the three vertical-dotted lines and select Mark as Read
  5. Within a few seconds, behold as your inbox will start to be zeroed out, free from it being a standard 1,000.

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That’s how easy it is for you to mark your entire GMail inbox as read; it’s simple right? But in order for you not to go through this dilemma again, how do you unsubscribe to a spam or to a message you don’t want to see in the first place?


All emails are different – they can have widely separate and different contents; they can have different meanings. One thing that’s similar among all of them, however, is where you’ll be able to find the Unsubscribe button.

The famous Unsubscribe button can be seen at the bottom of any email notification, marketing, or alert. Usually, it’s in the smallest font size so you really have to look at it. Most emails have it on their footer – at the place where all information are seen about their complete company name, etc.

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Different language

Some marketers are taking it on a higher level, What they do is when a user unsubscribes, they will redirect it to a certain webpage where it’s under a different language. In this scenario, what you can do is you can right click anywhere on the page, hit on Translate Page to English, and from there, you’ll see the final unsubscribe button.

They do this in order for people to feel lazier in unsubscribing. What they don’t know is that there’s a workaround for it.

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Our mission is complete, you’re now aware how you can mark your entire Gmail inbox as read. This means more organization and more time for your priorities!

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