How to Setup Globe Tattoo Pocket Wifi


Having Globe Tattoo Pocket Wifi in your pocket anytime, anywhere will make you stay connected even if you’re on the public places or away from your home/office where you regularly do your work online. In this case you can be more productive in your work or connected with your friends anytime.

In the Philippines you can buy pocket wifi in telcos business centers or in some mobile phone stores. If you want prepaid you can easily buy device including the SIM but for postpaid you need to buy the SIM in the Telco business centers just like you are applying for internet connections.

In this post we assume that you already have the Globe pocket wifi name “Tattoo” ready to be setup. You will learn how to setup Globe tattoo pocket wifi after you read this article. Follow the steps given below.

Steps in setting up Globe Tattoo Pocket Wifi

Step 1

After you unbox the device and put the SIM and battery together, look inside the cover and list down the  SSID and WIFI Key. Globe Tattoo Wifi Key

Step 2

Turn on the Globe Tattoo pocket wifi and connect using the key you get on the cover.

Step 3

Now that you have connected to your globe tattoo pocket wifi you can now change the settings including the SSID or Wifi Name and your pocket wifi password. To access the settings, open up your browser and type Tattoo Pocket Wifi

Step 4

In the Tattoo page, click on the “Settings” menu, it will ask for the authentication type in “admin” for username and password.How to setup globe tatto pocket wifi

Step 5

After you enter the username and password correctly, you will arrive on the settings page leave the Configuration profile settings as is and click next.Globe tattoo configuration settings

Step 6

To change your Globe Tattoo pocket wifi name and password, on the settings menu, Click “WLAN” on the left to reveal the “WLAN Basic Settings”, you can now change the name of your wifi and password, see the screenshot.Change Globe Tattoo pocket wifi


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  1. Last month, I bought a load for my Globe Tattoo but was never used and this time I purchased additional load but it is not working. What shall I do?


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