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How to leave Facebook Group

How to leave Facebook Group or Group Chat

Have you been in a situation where one of your friends added you in a group chat on Facebook and every time a member...

How to Register Your Business with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR)

Before anything else, if your business is a sole proprietorship, you have to secure the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) permit first before...

How to Compute Capital Gains Tax on Sale of Real Property in the Philippines

When you sell a property, the Philippine Government is requiring you to pay Capital Gains Tax for the purpose of paying money in the...
Registered companies

How to Know the Legitimacy or Registered Companies in the Philippines

Knowing the legitimacy of a company or entity can serve you well depending on the purpose why you need to know such. For instance,...
Housing Loans

How to Apply for Government Housing Loans

Unknowingly, aside from PAG-IBIG housing, there are banks and government intermediaries in the Philippines that you could approach to help you with your housing...
Civil Service Exam Guide

Civil Service Exam Guide

Passing the Civil Service is important.  However, some Filipinos find it hard to pass these exams because they find the exam lengthy and according...
Business permits

How to Process Business Permits

Processing business permits is tough at times especially when you do it in January wherein most companies apply or renew their permits.  It may...
Documentary Requirements for Land Transfer in the Philippines

Documentary Requirements for Land Transfer in the Philippines

There are certain documents that you need to provide to the respective office in order for the transfer of the land to take effect. ...
SSS Flexi Fund

Helpful tips on processing SSS Flexi Fund payments

SSS Flexi Fund Program is offered exclusively for Overseas Filipino workers who want to invest money through SSS payment.  This program is unique because...
child support

How to File for Child Support in the Philippines

The once conservative close family ties in the Philippines had been overcome by modernization.  This resulted in many separated families forcing single parents to...

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