How to know if your computer is infected


Nowadays, files, music, movies, videos, almost anything you want can be downloaded directly from the internet – for free. Almost all of us have experienced running our devices with downloads straight from the internet and it is a guarantee that people will come back for more if they have done it correctly.

People patronize this because it is free and often gives them what they want. Seldom do we know that there are instances when those downloads carry stuff that we do not want – viruses and infections. Here are things that you can consider to know if your computer is infected.

Signs that your computer is infected

1. It runs very slow

A computer running slow is a sign that maybe your computer is now infected with virus, malwares, or other pests of technology. However, a slowing computer can be a result of many reasons and one of which is because maybe your computer is asking for a more advanced and better RAM. But some computers run slow even if they have enough RAM or still have a lot of memory so do have it checked in order for you to be assured as to why your computer is slowing down.

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2. Missing file

The moment you notice that some applications or programs in your computer fail to start properly or correctly and notice that maybe some of your files are missing. If you knew to yourself where you kept your files hidden and it is not there, maybe it is time to have your system checked and scanned. And I am not pertaining to a certain type of file, it can be files or documents you have created or saved, images or videos; almost every file there is.

3. Your computer talks to you by itself

Have you ever experienced receiving a random pop-up from your computer to the point where you think it is speaking to you on its own? It maybe advertising random things and services, it obliges you that your PC needs protection, all kinds of messages out of the blue. This is one absolute clear sign that your computer has been infected by technological pests so have it checked ASAP.

4. Slow Startup

As we all know, we can modify our start-up; we can set it to when our pc starts, no other program/s will start or we can have programs or applications start when it does. Try modifying it to a setting that it doesn’t open programs when you start your system or just notice. Did it become slower than the usual?

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5. Internet connection problems

 Inability to connect to the internet like how it used to be is also another common symptom of infection. Do not confuse it to the idea that maybe your Internet Service Provider is (ISP) is on maintenance, have the speed checked and if it is in the norm, do not hesitate to clean your system. It may also cause you to have problems like webpages load slower than ever, some websites are not accessible, etc.

These are the most common symptoms of an infected computer. Try recognizing these stuff from yours and maybe you can tell the difference. Even a simple mp3 download can contain thousands of viruses so be sure to have yours checked before it’s too late.

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