How to Save Money – Effective ways to Save and Earn Money


When money is handed down to you, the first thing you want to do is to buy something as a gesture to reward yourself. Of course, from the sacrifices you have made, from the hard work you successfully you’ve contributed, it is plainly fair that you want something out of what you have earned.

One good thing to reward yourself is to make your money grow and one way of doing that is by saving it. Although it won’t yield a large sum in just a short span of time, you will see the results long-term. There are many ways of saving money and in this article, I am going to dictate a few money-saving ideas you can do.

How to Earn Money

Savings full of coins

This may sound basic and maybe for other people this one is easy but we often forget that coins have a ton of value that we forget every time we carry paper bills with us. Try compiling coins from changes in a jar and one day you will be surprised that you have saved a lot.

Try putting at least 100 pesos inside the jar every week that is roughly just Php14 every day, that won’t hurt, right? In a month you’ll save 400 pesos and in a year that’s Php4, 800. You can have your own variety of amount to have in a week because you can clearly exceed 14 pesos everyday so that you’ll end up saving more after a month and after a year.

Find cheap things to buy

Because of the internet, the world is slowly becoming digital which means that all of the things we do in our everyday lives can be converted to the digital world. When you go shopping for apparel, do groceries, buy utensils, school supplies, etc., we go out and find what we just find, right? A few people are aware of the low-cost finds online.

Websites like and offer a lot of discounted items you can buy for yourself or for your families. Aside from online finds, you can also search for cheap bargains of clothes, groceries, and supplies you need; you have to of course exert a little bit of effort in finding those.

Have an easy side job or part-time job

I am pretty certain that your job as an employee or as a self-employed individual only consumes about five (5) days of your week with eight (8) to ten (10) hours per day. That only means you have ample time to have another job which must consume less time for you to earn more. You can offer to babysit for a couple, you can offer to lend money for those who need it and you’ll earn by interest, and you can use the internet to earn a little bit of extra income.

The internet is a vast place and a lot of things can be done when you are connected to the internet. You can search for websites like or Upwork for you to have an idea of how you can make money out of only the internet connection you have and of course a few skills you need to have.

The 52-week money challenge

It is basically saving augmentations of money every week. You start out small and without you fully aware of it, you have saved thousands and thousands of money over the course of six (6) months and of course you’ll get more in a year. I won’t go into full detail about this one, you can check it out on another post in this site.

Read: The 52-week money challenge

It is mainly you putting aside money every week but every week, it needs to be greater than how much you’ve saved from the last week; it’s increasing.

For medicine, go for generic

You don’t really need to buy famous branded medicines to help cure or soothe your illness. Generic medicine usually does the trick as well as those with brands on them. Try to look for drugstores which offer generic medicine (Generika, Generic Option, other local drugstores) so that you can be worry-free of the stress you have to take when you think about how to cure the illness of a family member, a friend, a loved one, and even yourself.

There really are many ways on how you can efficiently save money. You can derive things; make it your own personalized tip for saving money and from there you can begin the journey of you saving for your future. 

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