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how to reconstitute or replace lost/damage land titles

How to replace lost or damage Land Titles

Land titles serve as one strong proof that you are the owner of the land, the one who pays for the taxes, and the...
How to Renew PRC License

How to renew PRC License

It is hard to tell why but there are a lot of things that expire; our driver’s licenses, our passports, clearances, and yes, your...
Things to do with your money

Great things to do with your money in your 20s

You’ve now reached the peak of your child and adulthood; it’s now time to make the real deal.  This is the time of your...
Saving vs investing

Saving vs. Investing

Have you ever had that chance to hold a certain amount of money, and you have no idea what to do with it?  If...
PAG-IBIG Monthly Contribution

How to Check Pag IBIG Contribution Online – Two Easy Ways

The easiest way to check Pag Ibig contribution and payment history is to go to the nearest Pag-IBIG office in your area to be...
How to write a good resume

How to write a good CV or Resumè

If you think that writing a resume is easy, think again.  A good, well-written resume is really challenging to come by; there are a...
File for Income Tax Return in the Philippines

How to File for Income Tax Return in the Philippines

Payment of taxes in the Philippines is required for all individuals and companies in order to sustain important governmental functions.  This is so because...
earn money online in the Philippines

The Best Ways To Earn Money Online In The Philippines

These are some of the best ways to earn money online in the Philippines. Everyone pays to have a decent and great Internet connection; everything good...
Closing Business

How to Close a Business in the Philippines

Due to the sensitive and unstable nature of a business, an entrepreneur like you may need to close a business. Just like processing of...
How to leave Facebook Group

How to leave Facebook Group or Group Chat

Have you been in a situation where one of your friends added you in a group chat on Facebook and every time a member...

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