How to Change Language on Facebook

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The world is using Facebook; there are over 1.65 billion active monthly users of Facebook and that is just astounding. You can turn the social networking site as a country because of the population. With this, it is clear that many users who speak different mother tongues are using it. If you did not know, you can actually change the language of your own Facebook depending on what language you want it to be.

Why is there an option to change Language even if it was born in America?

It’s really simple: there are a lot of countries who use Facebook and most of those countries are not that great in English which paves the road to why there are certain languages in Facebook. You can change the language from your PC, your smartphone, your tablet, etc. Accessing the language options would not even break you a sweat – if you know the language prior to changing, of course.

How do I Change Language on Facebook?

If you are using a desktop or a laptop, go to the drop-down arrow at the top right of the Facebook webpage and click on Settings. Click on Language at the contents table at the left side of the webpage to see the following options:

  • Show Facebook in this Language – of course, this language is how the language will appear while you are using Facebook. This option changes the language of Facebook’s interface.
  • Which language do you want stories to be translated into?Chances are, you will have friends who are not the same nationality as you are in so when they post statuses, stories, etc., there is a chance that they will be posting it using the language they are used to. Translation will be an option so this is where this option comes in.
  • Which languages do you understand? – This will help you control the languages you do not want to see translations choices for. Any status or post written in the languages you will put in this option would not contain translations.
  • Which languages do you not want automatically translated? – This post however, will let you control the languages you do not want automatically translated. Any status or comment written in these languages would not automatically translate.

There are a lot of options in language configuration in Facebook. Be sure to read all of them in order for you to understand and to utilize them properly.

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Even Facebook is aware that all of its users do not easily comprehend English which creates the need for language configuration. Sooner or later, there will be more languages that can be made in Facebook more than you can imagine. Are you aware of this Facebook feature about languages? What are your thoughts as regards this matter? Let us know in the comments section below.

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