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The 360 video was first introduced to us March of last year and it astounded and amazed a lot of people. Many even said that technology is becoming a little bit more futuristic because of this. Just a month back, Facebook introduced the all-new 360 photo where you can have a wider view of the photo by turning or tilting your phones; and it is now flooding the timelines.

What are 360 photos?

Taken from its term, 360 photos are types of photos that you can twist and turn in order to view the picture as a whole. 360 photos are panorama photos saved in your phone. The 360 feature is for a better viewing experience and Facebook really knows what is up.

Facebook 360 Photos
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360 video on Facebook stepped foot in September last year and now, amazing experience in viewing photos is what Facebook wants its users to experience.

The Samsung Gear VR

If you are wondering what this piece of technology is, it is a virtual reality device and was developed by Samsung Electronics. Only Snapdragon-made devices in line with the Samsung Galaxy note 4 are the ones that are compatible with the said device.

Facebook is also planning to make some changes in the Oculus mobile app. The Oculus mobile app is the app which is considered to be the app used to run the Samsung Gear VR. Almost 1 million people all over the world use the Gear VR for 25-30 minutes every day. This sounded the alarm of developers and manufacturers so they planned on creating more and developing better applications to soothe the need for the roaring demand for virtual reality.

How will I know if the photo in front of me is a 360 photo?

It is really simple, you will see a compass symbol in the picture and that means that the photo is 360. It is up to you on how you will navigate through the picture. You can swipe to navigate it or you can do what you do if you are watching 360 videos – move your phone or turn your phone.

If you are on a computer, you can click and drag the photo to the part of the photo that you want to see. You can also click the compass as it has arrows on the side that pertain to where you can view as you click it.

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Technology is becoming more and more complex, fun, and interesting as the days go by. We cannot deny the fact that it is slowly becoming our way of living. The virtual reality is a clear sign of that since we can now view technology as something that is concrete – something real. What is more to come to us with the technology that we currently possess? What are your thoughts about this? Let us know in the comments below.

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