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Having a not-so-good internet connection is never a wonderful mix to a slow-running, crash-rich browser, right? If your goal is to make your browser as efficient as it can be, then you have come to the right place. Here are a few guidelines and tips that can answer your prayers; simple tips to make your browser more efficient and faster for a better experience.

Disable unused plug-ins

When you install Google Chrome, chances are it’s not going to be alone. What I mean by that is that it has trails or plug-ins attached to it. There are a lot of plug-ins that conspire to lessen the performance of your browser such as Flash and other plug-ins. What it does is that it slows down the loading time and the performance because it makes up more space to reside in your RAM.

Take time to find and disable those plug-ins that you think are not of good use. Type about:plugins in the address bar to access the list of plug-ins that came with your browser and the ones you downloaded. Take a look at those and disable all that you think you are not using.

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Clear everything when you feel it carries a lot

Over time, you would not actually feel that your browser have gone through many websites, saved a lot of cookies, autofill data, and history. If you are a frequent user of the internet, the chances of bloating your browser’s history in a month is high and is possible.   Make it a habit of clearing your history every now and then to avoid stacking memory that can lead to performance dullness of your browser.

Say goodbye to windows stacking, say hello to tabs

A lot of us are used to opening windows to access different webpages. We live in the 21st century people should now be using tabs instead of windows. But do not mistake it, having too many tabs at once can cause to lessen the performance but it is your best bet against having multiple windows.

One good factor that it has is for organization. Instead of you switching from different windows, having tabs will enable you to notice certain webpages faster and better.

Clean up that toolbar

We cannot deny the fact that we download files like music, photos, videos, movies, etc. There are downloads that carry different downloads such as toolbars, utility programs, antivirus set-ups, and many more. These are the ones responsible for that bulky and busy toolbar of yours. You would want to get rid of them, believe me. Toolbars run when your browsers do so it will ruin your browsing experience for sure.

Start it right

There are times that when we do not shut our laptops down or we do not really turn our PC’s off, the old open browser you used will still be open. Using that old used open browser can cause problems in performance and in browsing since it was on since forever that it already eaten up most spaces in the RAM. Start fresh and start it right.

One good way to ensure that it is closed is by closing it in the task manager. Open Task Manager and then go to the Processes tab. Find everything that has the word “chrome” in it. It will be many even though you only have one window open because Chrome treats each tab as independent. End all processes of Chrome and start all over again for a better and faster browsing experience.

It is not rare to experience a slow and less efficient browser because hey, we all have work to do. If by any chance you encounter a problem like this in the future, make sure to hit all of the points here in this article. Were we successful in helping you with your browser problem? Let us know in the comments below.

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