6 Online Places where you can Educate Yourself for Free


It is true that we got the world in our hands whenever we’re connected to the internet; we can do everything we want to. We can talk to friends and family (even people we do not know), we can find a job, we can know the answer to anything (just not about love), and we can learn things in a different way.

We pay a pretty reasonable price just to have a decent internet connection, might as well make money out of it or better yet learn from it, right? Here are 6 websites you can visit so that you can learn online and for free.

Online Course

Open Culture Online Courses

Can’t construct the courses or lessons to learn? Are you struggling to know what you want to read about, to listen to, and to study? Open Culture Online Courses is the best place for that; the site features over 1000+ videos, audios (podcasts), and lectures you can learn for free. The site partners up with different universities and what they offer are the private materials on universities’ sites. This website is perfect for finding many programs and courses in one aspect or area of study.

You can check this site out by clicking here.

Stanford Online

Ever dreamt of studying in Stanford? Then this website is perfect for you. A website which features high quality courses that is in line with what Stanford offers its students. There are other websites that include Stanford’s lessons but they are not as complete as what Stanford Online can accommodate you with. Stanford Online is truly a remarkable website for those yearning to be educated by an extravagant school.

You can check this site out by clicking here.

MIT Sloan School of Management

Do you want to learn more about how to properly grasp the money that you have? Or do you want to learn more about businesses like how to manage one, how to start one up? MIT Sloan School of Management is a sub segment of MIT OpenCourseWare site; this school of management is a world-class school and is famous for its ability to partner lectures and actions up; the perfect school for those wanting and needing to learn about management.

You can check this site out by clicking here.


Coursera is a website that partners up with a ton of colleges, universities, and organizations all around the world. It is one of the most efficient and powerful tool that the internet has and incorporates lectures and courses from top universities, companies, museums, and many other more. This site will be extremely efficient if you plan on studying a lot of different courses from different establishments, peers, and groups.

You can check this site out by clicking here.


Alison, unlike most of the websites listed here, offers courses that revolve around health, business, technology, and a little bit of language learning. This website is perfect for those who are looking to be certified or to be informed further about a certain course or program that works around the programs that are found in here. It is considered to be the online tool which helps you be knowledgeable further about health, businesses, and technology.

You can check this site out by clicking here.


Obviously, this site is going to be your vessel into becoming one of the top programmers of our generation. The site mainly teaches about programming and the characteristic that makes Codeacademy stand out is that while practicing, you can still view the lesson or lecture that you are following; you do not have to switch tabs or windows or programs anymore. It is a complete abstract book where you can learn everything you have to without having the need to purchase anything.

You can check this site out by clicking here.

Learning is not really that expensive and besides, mastery is dependent to the individual already. You can do many things on the Internet; you could be whatever you want, whoever you may be. Having said this, why not just learn new things that can make you grow and nurture more as an individual? Why don’t you just use it to become a better person to yourself, your family, and to the people around you? Try these websites out and I can guarantee you a thumbs up.

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