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The ESL teaching profession is becoming more and more popular here in our country most especially that the next Olympic Games will be held in Japan. Regardless of that fact, a lot of nonnative speakers visit the country to learn the English language because rates here are cheaper compared to studying in their country. Although a lot of people choose a live ESL teaching session, going online is a big step and can broaden your view in the industry plus, you can save money. In this article, we will be relaying unto you everything you need to know prior to you teaching English online.

Of course, there are a lot of things to consider but focusing on the most important ones will help you arrive at an excellent strategy and decision in executing your plans of teaching online.

What can you offer?

How good can your service be? How can they grow from the values and lessons you teach them? Questions like this are going to pop out from you if you think about teaching online. Gather all the information you know is necessary for them, weigh your options and differentiate lessons for each student that you will have. Although there are students who just want to enhance their conversational English, you still need to be prepared and you have to tailor-fit expectations and lessons to your students.

How are you going to promote your services?

Probably one of the shockers on the subject since you will be starting from scratch if you decide to teach on your own. A lot of people have been helping each other out in determining the key tactics on how they can spread the word that they are offering this kind of services. Of course, you won’t have any students if you aren’t to promote it and lucky you, there are a couple of ways on how you can do that:

  • Communicate with people in the same line of business as you.
  • Promote your services in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and to friends who have friends who need services like you offer.
  • Try to find databases like Rarejobs, TutorAgent, and so on that gather group of people in the same field so you have connections.
  • If you have a website, build traffic by constructing Search Engine Optimized (SEO) articles that target your line of business.

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Let’s talk about rates

One reason why foreigners decide to study English here is because of the low rates they get. How are you going to rate them if you have no idea on how these services cost? Ask other online tutors and teachers of their rates; ask them about what type of lessons they teach and from there, you can gauge your rate. Start at a slow pace and gradually build up when you know you have delivered excellence.

You can also research about the rates in some companies but do know that companies of course earn their cut from directing customers/students to teachers and tutors. Study the business well and I am pretty certain that you will get to your goal.

Your area and your Technology

Most of the time, your clients will come from different places with different time zones so you need to be keen and flexible in this line of profession. Be sure to have a quiet and serene space if you plan on doing this because it will greatly affect your career, believe me.

Our country’s internet connection is not as good as the other countries’ but hey, what can we do? As long as we are prepared with a back up in any case that our technologies will malfunction, we are good to go. Prepare yourself with latest technology which will make your clients appreciate your service; who knows, maybe they still know people who are looking for your service.

As you can see, teaching online can be very tedious at start but it will pay off once you find your way. It is a convenient and noble profession since you will be dealing with a lot of different people from different places with different personalities and points of view. Are you confident enough with your knowledge and your skills in English? What are you waiting for, then? Come and be an online teacher now.

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